abatUS: Customized SAP Solutions for Seamless Business Operations

Manfred H. Heisen, Managing Director
Today, SAP has grown and evolved to become the world premier provider of enterprise business solutions. Based on its high level of integration, SAP solutions have empowered many companies to step forward and build solutions to merge ideas in different areas of business operations – supply chain and logistics. “However, many companies new to or experienced with the SAP solutions often struggle to plan and execute the implementation of SAP solutions,” says Manfred H. Heisen, Managing Director, abatUS. Based in Atlanta GA, abatUS is the US subsidiary of abat AG, an international provider of SAP advisory and consulting services that helps organizations from the automotive, logistics, and discrete manufacturing industries to seamlessly deploy SAP technologies. The company’s SAP solutions support the entire value creation chain, from procurement, production and logistics, to aftermarket services. “By combining our in depth knowledge of the capabilities of the SAP solutions and our complimentary software with our vast industry proficiency, we are able to build a supply chain execution platform which enables our customers to drive better business operations,” beams Heisen.

The company’s flagship offering– PLUS, is a unique manufacturing solution that supports companies with discrete manufacturing throughout production planning, control, and quality management across multiple plants, regions, and countries. The solution is already well known in the automotive industry as Mercedes Benz is deploying it for production control in all plants worldwide. PLUS was designed for companies in the automotive and discrete manufacturing industries which have to manage high volumes and a high number of product variants. The core functions of PLUS includes complete order management, bodywork, workers instructions, and material flow control as well as automated quality management. With the help of the IQM module (Inline Quality Management), a component of PLUS, all errors and processes occurring during production are recorded. The root causes for the errors are identified and in detail documented.

PLUS is not only integrated with the SAP platform, but build with SAP technologies, SAP NetWeaver. This unique solution and the flexible Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) of PLUS enable not only a fast and efficient implementation, but to easily adopt processes in the future.

By combining our in depth knowledge of the capabilities of the SAP solutions with our vast industry proficiency, we have created a customized supply chain execution platform to help our clients drive better business operations

The integrated data model allows the synchronization of all of the companies’ data and business processes used and implemented in the system. This results in enhancing the production process to be more efficient, stable, and cost-effective. Furthermore, the company also offers solutions for supply chain optimization for logistics experts and logistics service providers. These solutions include intralogistics (SAP WM or EWM, SAP ERP), Transportation Management (SAP TM) and Service Parts Management (SAP SPM).

Since its inception, abat has a culture attuned to understand and anticipate in client’s needs. In one instance, a customer wanted to standardize the work-process around a common system to have everything in a single framework. abat reviewed the client’s work procedure systems in their 65 subsidiaries and after a thorough analysis provided them with customized software based on the SAP platform. “Standardizing the solution helped the client to integrate many components into the solution, minimized cost to operate their workflow, and helped them achieve maximum profits,” extols Heisen.

Passionate about performance, Heisen believes that staying focused towards the objective and never giving up are vital to success. With the same conviction, Heisen aims to increase the footprint of abatUS in the automotive, logistics and supply chain spheres here in the US. Heisen also believes that corporate performance is dependent on the expertise of its workforce, expertise that is required to achieve the business objectives. “In order to maintain the distinction, we retain much of our staff, by providing them the essentials for performance - a good work environment and atmosphere, continuous education and self-empowerment,” concludes Heisen


Atlanta, GA

Manfred H. Heisen, Managing Director

Provider of SAP advisory and consulting services to help organizations to deploy SAP technologies