ABC Imaging: End-to-End Managed Printing Services

Medi Falsafi, President & CEO
One of the biggest dilemmas facing architecture, engineering, law firms or other consulting companies is finding specialized document management services. Manufacturers such as Canon, Ricoh, and Minolta offer solutions but don’t have all the necessary tools integrated and as a result, the customers are often on their own when they are tracking their billable items. ABC Imaging, headed by Medi Falsafi, President and CEO, breaks the paradigm and, “is one of the few companies that offers a full end-to-end service by leveraging its expertise in the Architect Engineering Construction (AEC) market. We provide a turnkey solution including the help desk, billing, reporting and anything that is related to printing and plotting, 24 hours, 7 days a week.” ABC is the pioneer of many new printing technologies. “We have mobile printing, follow me printing, and cloud printing on each site. We provide integrated print systems to international companies with multiple locations, reducing costs and guaranteeing consistency in color and quality,” he explains.

Additionally, the company has a printing hub station off-site for their customers to send large or complex jobs. “That means, when a client has a big project and would like to distribute it, they can send it to one of our 34 U.S. locations electronically and we’ll do the printing and shipping,” says Falsafi. The company serves some of the largest customers with nearly half a million records per month to feed back to their computer systems. Should the customers require details organized by project, or location, they will be able to access all that information without having someone manually key it in.

Another unique aspect of ABC Imaging is its ability to integrate seamlessly to almost any accounting system. “When we do the billing, we will provide them with a file which they can review and import into their system. It makes billing a lot easier,” Falsafi adds.

ABC Imaging is one of the few companies that offers a full end-to-end service by leveraging its expertise in the Architect Engineering Construction (AEC) market

ABC Imaging’s 30+ production shops offer a variety of printing services internationally. The firm can print anything from a business card to a billboard, building wrap to signage and banners.

The new 3D printing technology is another area in which ABC Imaging excels. Architects can use it to create models from blueprints or even just a sketch. But these printers and programs are not plug and play. “A lot of work has to go into that file to prepare it for that particular type of 3D printer. We provide full service. The customers only have to provide us with a file, we will do whatever it takes to prepare it, print it, and deliver it,” says Falsafi.

ABC Imaging has big plans for the next year and is ready to launch their next generation software suite. They are expanding their penetration in the High End Retail, Sports Arenas and Malls. They are remodeling, and enlarging their store dimensions while adding new equipment that makes them capable of providing Grand Format as well as retouching, CGI, graphic imaging, and graphic design. The company’s two flagship stores, located in New York City and DC have already been completed. “We will be even more successful in the future because we are now combining marketing with our already strong word of mouth,” Falsafi concludes.

ABC Imaging

Alexandria, VA

Medi Falsafi, President & CEO

Provides print solutions and digital document management services for the AEC and other market sectors around the globe

ABC Imaging