ABeam Consulting: Building Effective and Efficient Upgrading Solutions Under the Oracle E-Business S

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System environments built on traditional technology platforms are now reaching a culmination point. The cost of maintaining those platforms adds to the load and companies are now looking for newer technologies which can best facilitate sophisticated system environments. Moreover business application software such as ERP relies on traditional platforms, and the need for up gradation of such applications to enable their working under newer platforms is now a big ask considering their extensive usage in the business space.

Abeam Consulting, founded in the year 1981, has been building, upgrading methods under the Oracle EBusiness Suite enabling organizations to facilitate working with the most advanced applications under sophisticated business environments. The firm offers the “ERP Upgrade Assessment Service for Oracle E-Business Suite” an up gradation assessment service which enables effective and efficient identification of up-gradation methods within a short period of time. The assessment service provides clients with a clear understanding of the need, time and cost required for the upgrade and ultimately benefits them of third party advice in addressing the scope through which the up-gradation should be carried on. This after a clear perception of the client in question is actually in need for an upgrade.

Another assessment emerging is in the case where a client may not require an upgrade. This helps clients avoid unnecessary expense on upgrading with the outcome
of the assessment resulting in no potential troubles surfacing which demand an upgrade. In agnostic cases if the client is unsure for an upgrade, the service digs down on the latent issues, scope and methods and then concludes of a needed up-gradation, if not the assessment continues to evaluate whether the Oracle EBusiness
Suite is implemented in a specific section or not and then comes out with the relevant result.

The Approach

ABeam’s low cost assessment service has been one of the features that has made a huge difference. After the conclusion is drawn with respect to the up-gradation, the firm’s consultants carry out the assessment task in a matter of weeks carrying out various tasks starting off by explaining the upgrade assessment program and creating interview related documents. After the pre-requisites, a thorough review process is carried out including conducting interviews with the client’s IT and user departments and then a fair analysis is formed in analyzing the interview results and then a brief summary is extracted of those results. The report highlights the Scope of upgrade assessments, latent issues of system environments and also aids in further upgrade recommendations.
ABeam has been awarded the “Oracle Partner of the Year” continuously for a decade and has also been regarded as Expert in Implementing Oracle ERP. Apart from its credentials with Oracle, the firm has also partnered with some of the biggest clients in the industry including AWS, Microsoft Dynamics, NEC, PANAYA, salesforce and many others. From the words of Leon Williams, Sr. Director at ABeam, “Our approach is focused on our client and we are proud of always thinking in terms of what is best for the client as we offer solutions that are not only theoretical but workable”.

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