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Elizabeth Wayne, President & Owner While digitization has become the norm across all industries, its place within the freight brokerage ecosystem is particularly pronounced. As technology continues to advance, the question of the level of infiltration at the organizational level continually rears its head. The usefulness of technology in the logistics space cannot be denied, but these tech-heavy solutions cannot eliminate the need for human interaction at freight brokerages. For example, automation will consistently fall short in solving complex problems such as freight delivery, requiring critical-thinking and human interaction.

"What we really strive to accomplish is to balance the much needed human factor with all of the technology available in the marketplace," begins Elizabeth (Liz) Wayne, President and Owner of Able Transport Solutions. She continues, "Human intervention is still necessary at every step to analyze, input our expertise, and bring an effective solution." The team at Able Transport Solutions possesses years of expertise in the freight brokerage and shipping industry and specializes in Heavy Haul Transport and Expedited Shipping, among many other services. Able Transport Solutions operates on a national scale and utilizes cutting edge technology to ensure safe, efficient delivery to its broad base of satisfied customers. The firm serves as a top carrier for an increasing number of Fortune 500 companies all the way to people with a one time need, by providing excellent shipping services.

An Inspiring Background

From being a single mother at the age of 18 to becoming a full-fledged entrepreneur, a resilient Liz Wayne has come a long way since her career began in transportation directly out of high school.

Since childhood, Liz was an entrepreneur by nature. In her early years between 2002-2007, she worked at Hill Bros Transportation, an Omaha-based company, in various positions such as receptionist, accountant, and broker. Later she served as the first employee and ops manager at a Nebraska-based start-up, BAT Logistics, and contributed a lot to the firm's growth through various roles for six years. Having sat in many seats for multiple trucking and brokerage companies, Liz learned every aspect of the industry. In 2014 she single-handedly established Able Transport Solutions in her basement, intending to bring her passion for the industry to her employees, customers, and carriers.

We are transparent and good at what we do, and we bring an unmatched level of expertise that our customers need

A Customer-Centric Approach

Able Transport Solutions has an assembly line of experts that provide expertise and analysis based on a customer's requirements related to the number of trucks, appropriate trailers, and different states' regulations. The carriers showing up ill-prepared with a wrong trailer or unsuitable accessories is the primary pain point for most customers. This is where the company ensures that customers get the right resources to get the job done without paying for too much equipment through human intervention.

If there is an irregularity of any kind, Able Transport Solutions reaches out to a customer with a customer-oriented approach to understand the load requirements. Then, the firm educates the customers regarding the number and kind of trailers appropriate for the shipment. Ultimately, it results in cost savings, in case a customer initially opted for too much equipment or was paying a larger amount of money considerably. "The more we can share with them, the smoother everything goes for everybody," states Liz.

On the carrier side, Able Transport Solutions has a well-defined process for its dispatching capabilities. "The best way to set our customers up for success is to set the drivers up for success," states Liz. The drivers are well connected in their trucks via email, text, or call. They are pre-informed about a customer's load so that they arrive with the correct equipment and accessories to self-load onto their trailer. "Well before pricing and pickup, analyzing a customer's shipment and properly dispatching a driver goes a long way for successful on-time service delivery," adds Liz.

The technological advancement has helped in increasing overall visibility. Drivers are tracked via GPS, and they can scan a bill and load it right from their cell phone and send real-time updates to the home office. They can go offline when they have reached their hours of service limit to ensure compliance with the regulation.

Why Able Transport Solutions?

From the very beginning, the company's organizational structure has been set up to increase customer value. Able Transport Solutions dedicates specific brokers and dispatchers to every customer. This allows to truly familiarize with their account reps, shippers, and receivers – which helps cultivate success for everyone involved.
Able Transport Solutions is well-versed in the proper equipment types needed to move even the most unique pieces of cargo. The company provides customized transportation plans and solutions and brings the capacity of thousands of trailers from basic to the most specialized on the road.

Unlike other firms that run a cradle to grave operation, Able Transport Solutions delivers the customer's ultimate value at the end through its assembly line. "A lot of our competition throws at the wall and sees what sticks, whereas we are diligent and thoughtful and bring our expertise on the front side to exactly know what somebody needs and work appropriately," adds Liz. As a jack of all trades and master of none, many 3PL providers claim to perform all sorts of transportation modes such as roadways, airways, or waterways and eventually fail to meet all of the client's goals or fulfill their needs. "We are transparent and good at what we do, and we bring an unmatched level of expertise that our customers need," states Liz.

"We are a company of doers focused on developing ourselves and re-inventing the freight brokerage industry"

For instance, in early 2018, a large nationwide customer who had hundreds of stores around the country decided to centralize its entire transportation and procurement process. Before this program was even launched, Able Transport Solutions was their first 3PL partner. Liz helped the client with the issues they were facing through her business consulting and educated them to prepare better for their new endeavor. It proved to be of tremendous value to the client, and to date, Able Transport Solutions has been one of their top three carriers. In the last couple of years, the client had approached Able Transport Solutions multiple times for advice or understanding a regulation or if they needed any help with vendors or stores.

What Lies Ahead?

"Technology will continue to develop and add its value into this space, which frees us up to keep solving customer problems and moving everybody forward," asserts Liz. The company will keep integrating the latest technology, and it has already grown organically during its five-year run. Forging ahead, the company aims to grow through acquisition and explore acquisition opportunities in the upcoming year.

"Six years ago, I was in my basement working by myself, and now I am looking to hire my 23rd employee," states Liz. In the next five years, the firm will evolve on a larger scale, and as a growth-minded individual, Liz envisions to open a hundred employee office with an onsite day-care for their families and gym. "We are a company of doers focused on developing ourselves and re-inventing the freight brokerage industry," concludes Liz.

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Elizabeth Wayne, President & Owner

Able Transport Solutions is a company of experts in the freight broker and shipping industry that has been steadily growing in customer base and loyal employees since 2014. The company specialize in Heavy Haul Transport and Expedited Shipping — among many other services — and utilize cutting edge technology to ensure safe, efficient delivery to its wide base of satisfied customers

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