ABM Federal: “Extremely Well-managed” Solutions Take Execution-Focused Teams Who Know How to Move the Needle

Steve Nuelle, President
It’s all about the strength of the team. With so many resellers delivering IT products and services today, the question is “Which ones deliver high-impact, even game-changing results for the CIO and CFO?” A team sport showcases the skills of the athlete, but “victory” is accomplished through painstakingly solid execution by an entire team: players, coaches, management, and outside resources. “In business that means surrounding yourself with people that are not only more skilled and knowledgeable in specific areas, but people who know how to build and leverage teams of internal and external resources to deliver dramatic results to customers,” says Steve Nuelle, President, ABM Federal. ABM Federal specializes in providing information technology products and managed IT services to the federal government and systems integrators across the U.S. and worldwide. “Our focus is on building partnerships with key OEMs, niche tech specialists and software developers that allow us to craft very specific, high-ROI solutions for our customers,” asserts Nuelle.

ABM’s portfolio includes personal systems, power workstations, printing and imaging devices, servers, storage, networking gear, configuration and asset tracking, and highly secured (NAIDCertified) end-of-life IT asset disposal. “One of our strengths is that we do full lifecycle management—from cradle to grave, including many challenging logistics in between,” explains Nuelle. ABM Federal also holds high compliance ratings and the General Services Administration has given them the highest rating of “Exceptional” for contract administration. The company has three major GSA schedules, three federal strategic sourcing contracts, several Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWACs), and is on the “small business” teams of multiple large prime contractors.

One of the largest unmanaged expenses that the government and corporations have is the management of their printer fleets. “Printing is very expensive. When we say our solutions can drive more than 30-40 percent cost reduction and drastically improve enterprise-wide workflow velocity, we mean it,” says Nuelle.
“Our MPS and Workflow teams know how to deliver serious results and ROI.”

CASE: One of ABM’s managed service customers, EPA in Denver, Colorado, was experiencing mediocre results from their print fleet and prior service provider. ABM conducted a professional on-site assessment, mapped every device, collected key user and usage data, consulted with IT on organizational objectives, implemented new security measures, installed remote (automated) monitoring software, refreshed old devices (energy consumers), reduced the number of device and redesigned the floor plan, established new user print rules, and delivered a first-class solution with a very smooth implementation. This was a tremendous time saver for the EPA’s IT department, drove 35 percent cost savings, nearly eliminated future Help Desk involvement, and increased end-user satisfaction. “The tools that ABM Federal used to apply secure device settings and service the fleet, has been a remarkable improvement for our print and MFP management. In particular, having the data collection agent installed on our network to automate service has been a key benefit in proactive response for our end users,” remarked Rudy Martinez, IT Security Officer, US EPA.

When we say our solutions can drastically increase enterprise-wide workflow velocity, we mean it

Looking ahead, ABM Federal will expand into new and more innovative managed services so that their customers can focus more on their information and analytics, and less on their infrastructure. “We will continue to grow our IT infrastructure business but our growth strategy is shifting to specific, extremely well-managed services. Building execution-focused teams and strong technology partnerships will drive creativity and produce dramatic solutions for our customers” concludes Nuelle.

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Steve Nuelle, President

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