Above Security: A Comprehensive Approach to Information Security Concerns

The increase in amount of data being generated has highlighted the importance of implementing the right security strategies, in every industry. In addition, the multi-faceted issues concerning the data security calls for business solutions that attend to the difficulty of security while striking a balance between protection and the enterprise. Companies able to tackle several issues rather than a few would have an easy ascend to the top. The best example of such a company is Above Security, providers of full-range information security and consulting services to augment the security posture of clients. The their presence in the U.S and Canada, company has established since 1999.

In the fifteen years long tenure in the industry, Above Security has catered to the security concerns of over 250 government and private firms in different locations.
The services offered at Above Security are oriented towards IDS and IPS services, vulnerability assessment, Event Correlation, Log Management, intrusion tests, architecture review, forensic, PCI DSS compliance, Security Policies including BCP and DRP.

The Management Security Services ensures optimal information security, by bringing down the chances for Critical system failures, intrusion, data corruption and many other critical security concerns. The firm is also a globally certified and PCI Approved Scanning Vendor, and a Qualified Security Assessor for Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada.

The company’s proven intrusion testing strategies considerably reduce the exposure to threats. Above Security, headed by Ray George Chehata, President and CEO is currently an acknowledged name in information security services for firms involved in finance, Government, Education, Telcos, Healthcare,Products and Services.

Above Security

Chevy Chase, MD

Ray George Chehata, CEO

A provider of customized services for monitoring and protecting the critical and sensitive IT assets in clients’ infrastructures.

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