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Srini Centhala, Founder & Chief Architect
Big Data might resemble the term “du jour” for the collection of vast troves of information that can instantaneously be synthesized to help making smarter, faster decisions. However, with the increasing influx of data, it becomes daunting to drive insight from the data and to pro-actively respond before it hits the revenue or churn. Furthermore, integration of data from various sources to provide a granular view and the increase in demand to build data-driven applications aggravates the situation. A silver bullet to trounce these hindrances is an analytics platform that yields a 360-degreeview of data to report instantly and acts as an information provider through simple APIs to build data driven applications. Absolut-e Data Com’s BizStats Artificial Intelligence business analytics platform comprises of all these capabilities. “BizStats handles integrated data sources, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, and applies different machine learning algorithms and statistical models to provide a 360 degree view,” says Srini Centhala, Founder and Chief Architect, Absolut-e Data Com.

Centhala explains, “BizStats uses machine learning algorithms to determine the importance of data elements based on usage-statistics and applies scoring models to determine appropriate answers.” The answers are provided in overview sections, report sections, statistical model sections and machine learning algorithm sections, and allow deep dive into the data to provide comprehensive insights. These smart insights automatically and instantly derive key business insights from data and allows anyone to leverage the power of analytics, without requiring the knowledge of data modeling or coding. A flexible Platform for any data source, BizStats can accommodate any variety of formats, any output formats, and provides flexible API access, and is deployable to any system.

Deployable through Public cloud, Private cloud, In-House Appliance, and Hybrid Cloud, BizStats enables users to grasp information in the most meaningful way with filters of variety of data visualization perspectives. With BizStats search based visuals and interactive BI reporting, users can change a query simply by clicking a section of the graph or chart. For each visual, one can gain great insights to its underlying report to see the smallest detail as well as combining multiple views to illuminate the bigger picture.

BizStats Analytics Platform uses machine learning algorithms to determine the importance of data elements based on usage-statistics and applies scoring models to determine appropriate answers with interactive visualization

Additionally, BizStats uses Natural Language Search including voice, and transforms business questions into appropriate query automatically, triggers the query, and return the results in real-time with the best matching visualization for their customers.

"To ensure the success of our customers' business intelligence initiatives, we make significant commitments to each other, including investments in joint development, technical implementation, training as well as sales and marketing enablement programs," points Centhala. Through these joint efforts, customers are able to minimize their risk and maximize the return on their business intelligence related projects. The firm also helps customers drive new resources, accelerate time to value, and experience a rapid application development using the BizStats environment.

Thriving for a paradigm shift in the arena of analytics, Absolut-e Data Com envisions BizStats Platform as a data solution provider for medium to large organization by helping them to increase customers and increase revenue. "We are constantly developing our BizStats platform with the latest trends and new ideas to handle challenges faced by customer’s business environment and top priority of everyday challenges to CIOs," closes Centhala.

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Srini Centhala, Founder & Chief Architect

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