AbuErdan: Maximizing Production Efficiencies

Islam Khalil, Co-founder and CEO Efficiency, profitability, and loss prevention are three important pillars upholding a successful business in the agriculture landscape. A subset of this industry—the poultry industry—is built on a similar pedestal, requiring a holistic solution that integrates all forms of production management operations seamlessly. Operational inefficiencies cost poultry companies a significant amount of lost potential revenue. Moreover, additional 5% of losses due to shrinkage, theft, and internal fraud are incurred by poultry companies due to lack of control over their processes. From a poultry management perspective, it is challenging to oversee each of the working divisions individually without considering Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from every stage of the production value chain.

AbuErdan is on a mission to resolve such imminent challenges by enabling the poultry industries to be more efficient through a cloud-based poultry management system that does not involve any capital investment. The firm embraces Poultry 4.0 by leveraging the latest management technologies—integrating machine learning and Blockchain—that are capable of tracing products from the slaughterhouse to the entirety of the poultry value chain. Additionally, AbuErdan empowers poultry farmers to increase profitability, reduce waste, and become more efficient by drawing upon the experience of a cohesive unit of data scientists, developers, project managers, tech support, and poultry production experts.
Based on real case studies, AbuErdan was able to capture and save more than 7.5% of the poultry companies’ lost revenues.

More Chicken, Less Waste: Improving efficiency and profitability by optimizing performance, decreasing waste, and promoting welfare is the goal that AbuErdan promises to poultry companies

“Improving efficiency and profitability by optimizing performance, decreasing waste, and animal welfare are important goals” says Islam Khalil, the co-founder and CEO of AbuErdan. “To make the product workflow much more robust and reliable, we are evolving along with the industry through technological innovations, in order to overcome the ever-changing business challenges,” he adds.

Production management made easy

The management dashboard offered by AbuErdan generates multiple categorical charts and advanced analysis of poultry products, allowing the farm personnel to complete their daily tasks effortlessly. The solution empowers production managers with planning tools required to strategize production across the poultry value chain. It carefully manages the distinctive divisions of a company through the sharing of data and KPIs from the records within the same value chain.
For instance, in a poultry industry managing ‘Breeders’ or ‘Parent Stock,’ monitoring ‘Hatchability’ and ‘Hatch of Fertile’ inside Hatchery is of paramount importance. Therefore, understanding the relevant KPIs would enable businesses to execute precise actions in the ‘breeders’ stage and significantly increase production capacity. Justifiably, AbuErdan’s poultry management system has quantified all of the production phases, thereby integrating them into their poultry management system with better ease of adoption and rollout. Referring to the aforementioned example, poultry managers can observe KPIs from the Hatchery on their dashboards directly while mapping the egg production datetothe production week of the flock. The available data allows managers to execute appropriate actions pertaining to the mating ratio and other variables that significantly affect the production rate.

Empowering poultry companies

AbuErdan’s offerings are resilient against frequent network outages and poor connectivity hindrances plaguing remote areas, helping clients streamline the flow of information within their business infrastructure while making sure that all data sets are collected, analyzed, and delivered to responsible parties on time. By combining powerful features with ease of use, AbuErdan’s system is designed to increase efficiency, profitability, and identifying loss prevention opportunities for their businesses. By leveraging machine learning to identify subtle changes in performance, AbuErdan’s poultry management system empowered poultry companies to see insights that helped them take corrective actions that lead to reclaiming 5% annual lost revenues. Marching on such successful collaborations, AbuErdan plans to expand its ventures and offerings to Europe and Latin America, empowering poultry companies to optimize production, reduce waste, and maximize profitability.


Cairo, Egypt

Islam Khalil, Co-founder and CEO

AbuErdan specializes in poultry management, armed with a resilience poultry management technology stack that can support producers extensively. The poultry management software focusses onthe whole meat and egg production value chain starting right after the genetics until the retailers. It involves management, analysis, planning and much more. Additionally, the solution enhances operational capabilities and boosts transparency using a traceability tools for food safety. AbuErdan’s cloud-based poultry management solution leverages new technologies like Artifical Intelligence and machine learning to forecast chicken performance allowing poultry managers to take data-driven corrective actions on time