Abyres Group of Companies: Re-imagining Hadoop to Extract Best Value Out of Big Data Initiative

Mohamad Jamal Suleiman,CEO
Big data analytics is used by enterprises across verticals to gain valuable insights out of humongous amounts of data that leads to deliver personalized customer experience, improve risk management, and increase revenue. However, enterprises have often debated about big data; if it is a necessity or luxury, the real use cases that the businesses can leverage to make efficient decisions, the cost, and the data governance complications. Abyres uses open source technologies to empower, and enable businesses in their big data initiatives. As a Hadoop and Hortonworks technology provider, Abyres Group of Companies offers solutions and technologies to help customers solve their data and business problems, aside from the normal batch of MapReduce framework. “Hadoop enables the executives to properly see what future holds, resulting in improved performance, cost reduction, customer satisfaction, and increase in revenue,” says Mohamad Jamal Suleiman, CEO, Abyres Group of Companies.

Through Hortonworks YARN Data Operating Platform, Abyres helps organizations build a world-class Hadoop infrastructure that integrates with their existing business analytics environment. This, further allows multiple data processing engines such as interactive SQL, real-time streaming, data science and batch processing to handle data stored in a single platform, unlocking an entirely new approach to analytics. By moving Hadoop as the YARN-based platform, Abyres has seen rapid innovation in multiple areas such as in-memory real-time and stream processing engine.

The company’s offering is positioned to leverage current customer business analytics environment investment such as data warehouse, Business Intelligence (BI) tools. Abyres stresses to use Hadoop and Hortonworks technologies to amplify data sets, data ingestion and correlation with new data types that is optimized to be accessed by Hadoop. “We offer multiple practices and services to assist customers on their Big Data Analytics and Hadoop journey consulting and building business requirements, deployment, analytics, BI and data science services,” says Jamal.

The firm’s services and open source pedigree is its core big data competencies which ensures successful delivery, and fully meet customer requirements and ROI.

We offer multiple practices and services to assist customers on their big data Analytics and Hadoop journey—consulting and building business requirements, deployment, analytics, BI and data science services

“We want strongest open source total solution provider for big data, IoT and Open Data, and build a capable, sustainable network of skilled developers, architects, designers, researchers and visionaries for big data in Malaysia,” highlights Jamal. In a broader prospect, Abyres wants to bridge the gaps between scientists and researchers in universities and private or public sectors, as well as users. The firm also believes in a win-win collaboration with all inter or national partners and vendors to develop user friendly smart services.

With a goal to help its customers, Abyres has invested in multiple bleeding edge technologies—practices of Big Data Cyber Security integrating big data infrastructure and security applications, search and dashboard to solve and analyze security anomalies and threats. “Our current areas of focus are now Big Data Visualization Dashboard and Framework (Pysiphae), and Data Scientist workbench (PyDataLab) that tuned to our specific team skill sets,” points out Jamal. These innovations will help customers fulfill their demands in the market for open source visualization dashboard and python-based data workbench.

As a visionary of Abyres, Jamal comprehends the role of the users in different societies, as awareness of the users will support blue oceans in markets. “Millennials are rising; technology providers in the field of big data should pay more attentions to the social identity of the people and their sentiments about related services and technologies,” concludes Jamal

Abyres Group of Companies

Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia

Mohamad Jamal Suleiman,CEO

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