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CIO VendorSean Atkins, President & Founder
The rampant utilization of cloud and enterprise management solutions by companies in various facets of their business stands as a testament to the far reaching effects of technology. Also, applications and tools that cater and simplify the financial, budgeting, and forecasting needs of an organization certainly pave way for business success and ensure long-term profitability. Although many providers of ERP and CRM solutions exist in the technology landscape, companies demand a thorough chalk talk and guidance to develop deep acumen on how the software tools work. ACC Accounting Solutions, Inc., a New Jersey-based provider of Sage CRM and ERP (Sage 500 and Sage 100) solutions, believes in the motto of making available relevant business knowledge to its customers, alongside offering apt solutions to accomplish desired outcomes.

Since its inception, ACC is recognized as a ‘teaching organization’ by many of its clients from the manufacturing and service industry. The company’s Sage consulting and training services for product implementation mostly centers on churning important data from clients’ archived information, creating metrics to deploy suitable solutions. ACC’s Sage 100 ERP training service benefits organizations by guiding them right from setting up a new business, managing daily operations, billing materials, and updating physical inventory. Its core competencies also lie in financial reporting and development and BI. Many large financial corporations and insurance companies reply on ACC’s solutions to generate multiple financial statements, and budget forecasting reports. “Our expertise is in helping clients to analyze their financial data and what they should do with it. So far, we have given training-related solutions and applications for financial reporting under the partnership of Sage for more than 4,000 individuals,” says Sean Atkins, President and Founder of ACC Accounting Solution. Furthermore, ACC also takes advantage of Sage’s inherent customization capability to import facts from a database and integrate Sage applications to non-Sage applications. The solution implementation process starts with gathering clear-cut understanding of the clients’ business process and how they handle existing reporting system; followed by picking unique electronic data interface (EDI) and BI applications from a third party provider like Sage or recommending what solutions to use.
Many of Sage applications fits well to a lot of organizations but the modules of Sage may vary for each company. For example, there might be businesses, which may not need job costing reports, instead require analytical information around that. “In a nut shell, one can say that we function like BI and process engineers as we put out all critical applications on the client’s table and choose the ones that work within the framework of Sage. We don’t just slap a solution, we analyze, take time to figure out the process or the problem, which may be related to application and maximize customer’s utilization of the software,” adds Atkins.

We function like BI and process engineers as we put out all critical applications on the client’s table and choose the ones that work within the framework of Sage

In one of the instances, Lacas Coffee, a Pennsauken-based Coffee business approached ACC to sort out the confusions related to handling direct customer relation and tracking financial data like product costing due to change in ownership and management. The client was unable to optimize on Sage ERP and BI solutions. ACC permeated deep into the customer’s management needs, and by providing IT training and implementing ERP software, helped them gain an accurate and real-time insight on their financial position.

After being launched full swing into the technology space and securing a prestigious clientele, ACC now plans to navigate into the mobile computing environment and leverage on mobile tools and applications to make financial report statements easily accessible on Android and Apple devices.

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Sean Atkins, President & Founder

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