Acceliant: Leading with Innovation, Facilitating Collaboration, Standardization and Productivity in Clinical Trial Management

Sri Manchala, CEO
“In today’s dynamically changing business environment, companies are continuously challenging the existing innovation paradigms and the expense incumbent with legacy technologies.

Most pharmaceuticals, biotech, contact research organization (CRO) and medical device manufacturers invest considerable time and money in the clinical trial solution selection process”, begins Sri Manchala, CEO, Acceliant. This decision to select carries many implications with it and will ultimately impact the result and the business success.

Enter Acceliant—a global technology solutions and services company that has invested over a decade in researching the changing priorities, and various dynamics that are and will continue to restructure the life-sciences industry. The company studied the adverse and positive effects of regulatory change, the ongoing global economic circumstances, industry consolidation, and globalization. This extensive review ultimately shaped their clinical trial platform philosophy, and Acceliant created a strategic shift from building applications in silos to collapsing platforms that automatically integrate, connect, facilitate workflows, and collaborate in a mobile environment. The company’s innovative solutions have been utilized in several large multinational registries with over 25,000 enrolled patients in five continents.

Acceliant’s comprehensive and integrated Clinical DataManagement System (CDMS) - the Acceliant eClinical Suite, leverages latest technologies to facilitate Electronic Data Capture (EDC), electronic Patient Reported Outcomes (ePRO), and Clinical Imaging Systems (CIMS) along with a wide range of other features to manage data in compliance to regulations. The Acceliant Unified Trial System (UTS) provides 100 percent integration between program management, trial design, data capture, data management, and report and business intelligence. The company also supports its clients with professional services that range from training and support to custom development of features.
The company’s trial specific services consist of trial build, mid-trial migration from other products to Acceliant and validated Cloud-based hosting.

The company offers a ‘Design Once’ and ‘Deploy Many’ trial design concept to provide a wide range of data capture options including browser, tablets and mobile devices, in addition to eSource capability of electronic Ink/Pen, Barcode Registration and Identification. This design concept reduces trial design timelines and costs dramatically. Acceliant also provides a simple interface to enter data on the handheld or electronically from a wide range of devices in an automated or semi-automated fashion. “Direct data is an important factor to be reckoned with. Patients can enter data into forms and wear monitoring devices as required by the trial designers”, explains Manchala.

Acceliant’s services include operationalization, and integration with the existing environment, conducting pilot study and learning, providing a fully integrated learning management system and making training current with social and business trends. Additional features utilized in Acceliant are the Unified Trial Builder—a product enabling the setup of a CRF within weeks, data-import technology capable of mapping and importing data across several hundred fields, and scores of forms. The web-enabled Document Management System (DMS), used for organizing, versioning and maintaining the clinical trials document, helps clients achieve significant reduction in the duration of clinical trials, cutting overall time to market and enhance profitability. Acceliant also provides convenient migration frameworks for in-flight trials, and delivers trial assurance and lower total cost of ownership.

Moving forward, the company is focused on releasing the Acceliant v7.0—a complete rewrite of Acceliant based on lessons learnt over the last decade. “This means the code has been optimized to provide the best performance possible with increased scalability of users, and a better ‘plug-in’ architecture to enable plug and play of different modules into our data pipeline without much code change”, concludes Manchala.


Santa Clara, CA

Sri Manchala, CEO

A pioneer in the EDC industry, Acceliant provides a robust and integrated eClinical Suite that comprises of end-to-end solutions to support the capture and management of clinical trial data