Accelo: Integrated Approach to Profitable Projects

Geoff McQueen, Founder & CEO
Successful project delivery has been an arduous task for most of the companies, since they have hundreds of concurrent projects on-the-go, with numerous departments and business units performing a variety of tasks to meet the project goal. Enterprises require effective project management software with easy-to-use project planning features to scope, size, estimate, schedule, and staff a project in detail. In addition to planning and resources allocation, cost-effectiveness and team coordination decides the project success. Cloud-based project management software gives workforce, customers and partners a better way to work together efficiently by connecting the business, people and work with full context, transparency and real-time data.

Accelo offers its cloud-based project management software—which encompasses the key requisites of project planning, tracking and collaboration in one platform to take projects to the next-level of automation, collaboration and real-time control. Accelo’s cloud-based workflow solution— Accelo Projects, integrates with the client’s CRM and service billing software to streamline communication and enhance relationship with their customers, partners, and employees for sustained success.

The firm’s project management software features an active and easy-to-use project planning screen that defines project’s structure and budget, sets up milestones and timelines, tasks and dependencies and more. This gives users the flexibility to adjust to any unplanned changes in a hybrid project plan. This further allows users to achieve the project deadlines through a single pane of glass view on project status, budget and scope.

With Accelo Projects, users can easily build a complete team schedule by adding required tasks and also keep track of the time required to finalize each task—giving a complete snapshot of the team’s workload. The system also adapts automatically to any schedule changes as well as notifies the team on any priority or upcoming tasks, so that project deadlines are met successfully. Accelo Projects gives the project manager a real-time schedule report of the total amount of work that each of the team and their members have done for the day for a particular project, so that they can assess each team’s performance, progress and contribution towards the project.

Accelo Projects acts as a central database for the team, enabling team members to be aware of the projects status and updates

Accelo Projects acts as a central database for the team, where they can attach documents, and share issues, enabling team members to be aware of the projects status and updates. This also helps the project team to collaborate within their team, clients, and external partners to manage every project, task, issue or contract together—ending up in the successful completion of the project.

Accelo Project is specifically tailored for professionals across various industries, business consulting, engineering, legal, accounting and more to manage and automate mission-critical business tasks—simultaneously gaining an immersive and transparent view on client, project, as well as financial stability. In one instance, Virya Technologies—a firm specialized in multiple, remote services across a variety of industries, was facing challenges with its systems that handle project and contract management. The client had juggled several different systems to manage a single project, which seemed to be cumbersome for tracking the project schedule, status, and deadlines. Virya wanted a single platform that can integrate all of these—contact management, project management, CRM, time tracking, and accounting. By leveraging Accelo Project, the client was able to effectively handle multiple projects through easy collaboration and reporting as well as deliver projects on time and within budget.

With its best-in-class project management software, the firm continues to solve the chaos, associated with running multiple projects at the same time through effective planning, tracking and execution.


San Francisco, CA

Geoff McQueen, Founder & CEO

Manages projects against budgets, scheduled & resources in real time, and give instant visibility into team schedules