Accelogix: Tailored Solutions for Supply Chain Management

Seth Patin, Founder & President
As an exuberant sophomore at The Milwaukee School of Engineering, Seth Patin passably at a young age began his career in supply chain software while his fellow-students were still in a hush pace of deciding their future. Despite being trained in systems engineering, his early work at RedPrairie gave Seth his first introduction to global logistics and operations management and kindled his passion for the application of technology solutions to maximize supply chain efficiency. Concomitantly, Patin founded Accelogix back in 2012 and has now successfully developed deep-seated relationships with leading supply chain software vendors JDA and HighJump and managing a team that has delivered implementations, enhancements, and support across a broad array of industry verticals.

The Cary, NC based firm offers consulting services as an authorized reseller of JDA RedPrairie Warehouse Management software (WMS), Warehouse Labor Management (WLM) software and Transportation Management System (TMS). From system design to support, Accelogix’ team provides deep expertise in each and every JDA RedPrairie IT rollout, and services including project planning and discovery, implementation and configuration, enhancements and development, and production support. Accelogix has worked with every major version of JDA WMS, WLM, and TMS and perceives the technical changes that were made in each version, and helps clients to upgrade their systems across multiple versions. Their unique six-step methodology—discover, design, execute, deliver, support and enhance—guides Accelogix to deliver their IT implementation projects with zero time delay.

“We combine innovation, expertise and efficiency to deliver technology solutions to real world supply chain problems,” states Patin. Accelogix helps growing enterprises purchase and deploy best-of-breed supply chain management systems that deliver a strong combination of robust features, proven scalability, and comfortable ease of use. Accelogix helps to boost inventory accuracy, fulfillment and order throughput, and streamline operations.

We combine innovation, expertise and efficiency to deliver technology solutions to real world supply chain problems

It is to be noted that the firm’s methodologies are based on the principle that supply chain software implementation success is achieved only when operational efficiency and stability are maximized, not just when servers are up and running.

In an instance, Beaver Street Fisheries, a wholesale distributor of seafood products approached Accelogix as they realized that the company had long outgrown its homegrown, largely paper-based warehouse management system and decided the time was right to invest in top-tier Warehouse Management System (WMS) software. As they did not have enough time to keep up with client’s demand using paper-based order picking process, they wanted increased visibility and product tracking capabilities that WMS could provide. With the implementation of JDA RedPrairie WMS software, the firm recognized a massive improvement in inventory visibility for ingredients and has created ameliorating lot traceability, more production uptime and better purchase forecasting. “It was the right decision for our business because it forced us to update our processes to fit a more standard workflow and helped us ensure that when we did do modifications down the line they were cost-effective and made sense for our operation,” says Scott Lane, CIO at Beaver Street Fisheries.

Accelogix goal is to develop partnerships that start before implementation and last through go-live, business changes, and upgrades. Forging ahead, the firm is determined to build deep-rooted relationships with clients and successfully aiding them to implement WMS software in a more efficient way.


Cary, NC

Seth Patin, Founder & President

Helps growing enterprises purchase and deploy best-of-breed supply chain management systems