AccelTree Software: Tablet-based Enterprise Sales Acquisition for Insurance Companies

Vivek Mannige, CEO
The insurance industry is ever changing and with the return of stable economic conditions the insurance companies are making sure that they have an edge over the competition. “The need to operate more economically and efficiently, comply with the regulators and increase market share are all exerting considerable pressure on insurers. Insurance companies across all geographies have to be swift in their response to enquiries and closing sales; our enterprise mobile solution provides that dexterity, thus becoming the next competitive frontier” begins Vivek Mannige, CEO, AccelTree Software. Organizations face a challenge to manage agency and bank partners, due to long and exhaustive paper-based documentation with wet signatures, and miss-selling practices which eventually erode customer credibility. “With an aim to eradicate these manual workflows and streamline processes, AccelTree delivers enterprise mobile solutions that share information in real time and enhance the document movement digitally thus boosting the productivity of the insurance sales force by closing more sales,” he adds.

AccelTree’s insurance sales acquisition solution, AcceLife, sits on FRED-MEAP, the Mobile Enterprise Application Platform of AccelTree, is device agnostic and has the capability of working online and offline. It has an in-built workflow engine and also integrates easily, using connectors, with any enterprise system at the backend. FRED-MEAP has security as its top priority and as it is highly scalable it can manage a large number of concurrent users without any delay in response time. “Our platform also delivers multilingual applications; insurance companies can flick a switch and turn over from one language to another,” claims Mannige.

In 2014, AccelTree received recognition for AcceLife as an “Exemplar” in the Product Excellence Matrix from India’s premier software association “NASSCOM” in partnership with Frost & Sullivan. AcceLife helps insurance sellers create and download leads, schedule meetings with prospects, present audio-visuals along with flip charts to the customers, perform financial needs analysis and then recommend products to meet the customer’s goals, based on scoring and the customer’s risk appetite. The solution also computes benefit illustrations and presents a quote as required by insurance regulators.
Through AcceLife, sales persons can fill application forms that are validated for product underwriting rules before submission. Supporting documents submitted by the customer can be captured electronically, so also the customer’s signature on the application forms. Auto-underwriting is also performed for simpler proposals. Finally, initial premium payments can be made online. The solution can be deployed on iOS, Android, Windows and browser based platforms. The capability of working in online and offline modes makes the solution very relevant for low and no network areas.

We provide a seamless solution that connects to the core insurance systems of a company resulting in improved business decisions and faster turn-around-time

AccelTree constantly innovates and upgrades its technology with new features, like the underwriting questionnaire configurator, document cleaning tools and graphical dashboards, to name a few. “We have created a second framework, “Stallion” which is unique in its ability to provide secure solutions with single code that runs on mobiles, tablets, laptops as well as browsers. A single code base simplifies subsequent solution maintenance and version control, especially when more mobile requirements emerge,” states Mannige. “We believe that the customer wants to invest once and get as much benefit as possible—a reason why we use the innovative Stallion framework,” he adds.

For instance, one of AccelTree’s clients, a leading global insurance carrier has been able to reduce the turnaround time and close sales within a day. “Moving forward, AccelTree plans to keep innovating its product offering and expand its geographical footprint into North-America before the end of this year,” concludes Mannige.

AccelTree Software

Pune, India

Vivek Mannige, CEO

Provides world-class mobile enterprise solutions to large and medium Insurance companies to enhance productivity of their field force by using mobile phones and tablets as an extension to the existing core systems