Access Getall (Sysoft Corporation): Engineering Procurement Processes to Perfection

Disruption is the new constant, and the world around procurement is changing at lightning speed. It has pushed organizations to utilize cutting-edge technologies and apply innovative solutions, or risk falling prey to stagnation and lackluster growth. Accelerating digitalization, coupled with the proper guidance and technological aid, can help procurement experts better steer their organizations through supply chain disruptions and resolve critical bottlenecks like increased costs, shortage of resources, sustainability deficiencies, evolving regulations, and constantly changing client demands. It is fundamental for procurement professionals to streamline workflow management and solicitation creation and drive sustainability throughout their supply chains. This is easier said than done, yet better demonstrated by Access Getall, powered by Sysoft Corporation.

Access Getall is a pioneer in smart procurement, backed by 22 years of experience building smart procurement portals from the ground up based on the expert knowledge of thousands of world-class procurement professionals from government agencies, corporations, educational institutions, and NGOs. With an innovative vision forged since 2000, Access Getall remolded its Sysoft Web Application Framework to create an intelligent research system, which rightly bagged the Silicon Valley Best Innovation award. Building upon these developmental strides, Access Getall leverages Sysoft’s advanced AI, Blockchain, and data science techniques to achieve intelligent and optimized procurement.

“Since the beginning, our primary focus has been on applying AI in value procurement processes through data science, reinforced learning, and expert knowledge base,” says Sam Adhikari, VP at Sysoft. He emphasizes that more than five thousand world-class procurement professionals assisted Access Getall in attaining the gold standard in best-value procurement, spend management, and contract administration functions.
Access Getall maintains numerous internal key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide the best client services. The firm provides its clients and users with the technology that matches their organizational, strategic, and tactical goals and missions, while bids and requests for proposals (RFPs) are managed with AI-based expert systems to achieve maximum efficiency, cost reduction, and ease of use. The Sysoft Business Intelligence for Spend Analytics (BISA)—built on the SaaS architecture—gives government agencies and subsidiaries of large companies a single cloud-based software solution to manage critical spend management processes for cost savings and compliance. By leveraging a SaaS model and theexpertise of Sysoft private cloud, businesses can exponentially accelerate the time-to-value of their products and services.

Adhikari highlights the success of a public agency, the City of Norfolk, which approached Access Getall for solutions to protect them from fraud and duplicate payments. The client used Sysoft’s Access Getall Smart Procure spend analytics system to monitor, optimize, and manage more than half a billion dollars in annual procurement spending. The city intended to save money in procurement and realize tangible productivity measures in procurement processes. Access Getall used graph database techniques and AI to recognize duplicate payments, steering clear of possible redundancies. The AI-based system turned actionable insights into procurement processes through smart reporting on local, state, and national procurement spending.

Since the beginning, our primary focus has always been on applying AI in value procurement processes through data science, reinforced learning, and expert knowledge base

Similarly, in another partnership with City of Tampa (COT), adopted Access Getall Smartprocure system to achieve best value procurement practices without changing its existing policies, processes, and procures. The city leveraged the Smartprocure system for all the bids and RFPs in less than six months for billions of dollars of procurement. City buyers have learnt to use the system efficiently with the help of AI and active support mechanisms of Access Getall Powered by Sysoft. Access Getall Smart Procure system assisted City of Tampa to achieve transparency, efficiency, group decision making, and excellent reporting for the procurement process. COT has made hundreds of procurement awards to suppliers through the Access Getall Smart procure system. In addition, thousands of local, state, and national vendors are visiting every day the Smartprocure Portal to participate in COT solicitation process.

Scripting similar stories, Access Getall has secured its place in the procurement arena by streamlining operations with minimal cost and complexity. Conceptualized as a web-based smart procurement portal at the World Trade Center under the leadership of Sysoft, Access Getall is making notable difference in the eProcurement space by providing the best value, solidified through comprehensive knowledge and technological expertise.

Access Getall (Sysoft Corporation)

New Jersey, USA

Sam Adhikari, VP

Access Getall (Sysoft Corporation) is an integrated system of solicitation management, and best value procurement, among others.Over a thousand government agencies, corporations, educational institutions, and NGOs have utilized Access Getall powered by Sysoft SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) to save billions of dollars through smart procurement modules.

Access Getall (Sysoft Corporation)