Access Sciences: Mining Data - Big, Small and Dark - for Intelligent Business Decision-Making

CIO VendorAnne G. Tülek, President & CEO
Making sense of Big Data is a bit like composing a new symphony: With a broad choice of uncontained notes, key signatures and rhythms, the composer selects a message and theme. After considerable time sorting, organizing, arranging, and testing, a beautiful orchestration is revealed. Many organizations who deal with Big Data can relate to this. Access Sciences, a professional services and solutions firm headquartered in Houston, TX, enables clients to achieve their business priorities by optimizing assets, information, processes, systems, and human performance.

Led by Anne G. Tülek, Access Sciences was founded by Janice C. Anderson on the premise that the organizations that find and interpret relevant information are more productive, compliant, and make better business decisions. Modus™, ContentLogic™, and Pertempo™ demonstrate Access Sciences’ ability to navigate the worlds of Big Data, Small Data, and Dark Data for their clients. Modus™ allows designers to map data to compliance requirements and interface those rules with multiple platforms. ContentLogic™ mines information buried within long forgotten content (Dark Data) to classify, de-duplicate, and migrate what is needed. Pertempo™ makes better use of any Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform, by integrating data models, taxonomies, and natural language to vastly enhance search and intuitive placement of content.

Access Sciences has improved client operations across 50 countries through business analysis and strategy, solution design, development, and deployment, program and change management, critical skills sourcing, and operational support. The company’s competitive advantage is their ability to navigate and connect structured and unstructured systems, interpret trends within and outside of the client enterprise,extract and interpret dark data, and thus improve their clients’operating margins.
The Access Sciences client base is diverse, and the energy industry plays a significant role in the mix. One energy client (where profits are driven by reducing “time to oil”) engaged Access Sciences to address their Big Data challenge. The company faced disparate systems, terms, formats, and workflows across numerous workgroups, in and outside of their firewall. Access Sciences implemented Pertempo™ to enable rapid search, faster work processes, and rich analytics, resulting in a shorter “time to oil”. Access Sciences also assists organizations in healthcare, life sciences, high-tech and product manufacturing, financial services, utilities, and government.

Visual classification is a developing area of interest to Access Sciences, wherein a visual image from within a file is compared to a catalogue until a match is found. “The speed at which this logic can be processed is radically faster than OCR, indexing, and semantic interpretation. The potential for this as a game changer in auto-classification is high if it can scale on an enterprise level. We are evaluating different forms of it now with various use cases, so stay tuned,” explains Tülek. Although it is tempting to look for “Silver Bullets” for organizing Big Data, “taming and interpreting Big Data requires highly experienced teams with expertise in solution architecture, information modeling, business analytics, and quantitative visualization,” explains Tülek. “Our sustainable competitive advantage is based on those skills and experiences which, in a virtuous cycle, grow deeper with each new challenge and technology we address for our clients.”

Entering their 30th year, Access Sciences looks forward to expanding its global presence to meet market demand while pursuing their mission of helping clients transforms to become their very best.

Access Sciences

Houston, TX

Anne G. Tülek, President & CEO

Helps organizations transform to become their very best, enabling clients to achieve their business priorities by optimizing assets, information, processes, systems, and human performance