AccessIT Group: Bridging IT Security Solutions

CIO VendorJoseph Luciano, CEO
Today, enterprise customers often find themselves inundated by an exhaustive and disparate amount of IT security products available. They are trying to simplify their environment and manage all these products and solutions under one umbrella. “It’s becoming complex to manage so many solutions that network environments become inherently insecure,” notes Joseph Luciano, CEO, AccessIT Group. This is where AccessIT Group comes in. The company offers state-of-the-art products combined with the highest levels of technical knowledge, service, and support to deliver optimal security solutions. “We provide enterprise level products and services for both regional and global companies, and our engineers maintain the highest level of certification for all the products and services we provide,” notes Luciano.

Headquartered in King of Prussia, PA, AccessIT Group is a premier provider of IT security and infrastructure technologies. The company offers best-of-breed IT security products and offers a range of services from solution design to product installation. Luciano further states that in today's internet-driven environment, designing and maintaining an effective and comprehensive IT security infrastructure requires up-to-date knowledge of the latest threats and solutions as well as the ability to combine the multitude of products available to meet each individual company’s security needs. Toward this end, AccessIT Group provides skillful expertise, coordinating state-of-the-art software and hardware from different manufacturers to give clients confidence in the security of their information.

In addition, AccessIT Group offers comprehensive Technology Risk Management (TRM) services that allow companies to proactively evaluate their security risks. AccessIT Group’s dedicated TRM team comprises a separate branch of services that keeps clients ahead of emerging threats, addressing data, hardware, and human behavior in a "holistic approach" to maintaining IT security. It also offers a range of services and activities including threat mapping assessments and application security testing.

AccessIT Group’s threat mapping assessment combines an external and internal vulnerability assessment or penetration test along with network configuration data to comprise a complete overview of a client’s network security posture.
This complete solution helps clients discover weaknesses in their network, evaluate the impact of a combination of exploits, and provides a proactive remediation plan that will prioritize vulnerabilities by placing them in the overall network context.

We enable our clients to have full confidence that their IT Security Infrastructure will provide them with uninterrupted business continuity and productivity

Application security most commonly applies to e-commerce websites, internal databases, and systems that are considered "custom" or proprietary. Such interactive applications must be assessed to ensure that the application doesn't expose underlying servers and software to attack. The service includes dynamic application testing where experienced TRM engineers analyze the application’s web interface to assess various system variables and how they respond to potential manipulation. In addition, the service includes source code application reviews which are designed to examine the application code, application architecture, and the results from dynamic application testing to build a comprehensive review of the application’s security.

AccessIT Group ensures that the technologies they recommend to their clients are state-of-the-art solutions and address diverse IT security needs. “We offer these products individually or as part of a comprehensive program of IT security design and implementation,” says Luciano. “While all our technologies are valuable in their own right, we believe that it is our expertise in providing superior software and hardware to our customers that sets us apart in the business of IT security solutions,” he adds.

Going forward, AccessIT Group wants to include more IT security solutions under one umbrella, bringing more innovation to its client’s security policies. “AccessIT Group seeks to differentiate itself by offering a higher level of expertise from engineers, trainers, and sales staff, whose knowledge derives from real life enterprise deployments,” concludes Luciano.


King of Prussia, PA

Joseph Luciano, CEO and David Hark, President

A company that offers best-of-breed IT Security solutions ranging from security policy and solution design to security solution installation and implementation.