Accio Analytics: An Accurate, Adaptable, and Efficient Platform for Investment Analytics

Sean Mentore, Head of Technology and Architecture & Kamran Rizvi, Head of Product & Finance
Founded in 2019, Accio Analytics has designed a comprehensive ecosystem for investment analytics. Instead of typical segmented analytical models, the company offers a holistic approach to investment analysis, improving investment decision-making and highlighting the intangibles that contribute to long-term value creation.

“Most investment management systems either run performance analysis or conduct risk assessment. As a result, whenever people strive to analyze a particular investment or build a strategy, they only see a snapshot or a glimpse of it. Accio Analytics allows them to have an overall picture of their entire portfolio to design a better investment strategy,” says Sean Mentore, Head of Technology and Architecture, Accio Analytics.

Accio Analytics’ SaaS platform comes with a flexible infrastructure and microservice-based operation model, enabling seamless data flow—from the root to the final result. The platform can function as a standalone solution or work in liaison with a client’s existing systems. For example, if a client faces problems in a particular area with their existing system, they do not need to replace it. Accio Analytics can take all the information from their data management system, calculate it, and feed it back, allowing the client to use it in a downstream system. This brings great benefits to SMBs that struggle owing to budget constraints.

“Whenever a client approaches us with a specific challenge, we can customize the platform according to their requirements,” says Kamran Rizvi, Head of Product and Finance at Accio Analytics.

Accio Analytics also comes with an intuitive dashboard that allows clients to see all their fund inflows, outflows, and relevant exposures (risks) in the same place.
This is crucial to architect a holistic investment strategy. Not stopping there, the platform houses integrated business intelligence tools for customized reporting. The solution offers a set of widgets enabling clients to customize dashboards to best suit their needs. More importantly, businesses do not require investing months to get the feature-rich platform up and running; it can be done within a few weeks.

Another added advantage of the Accio Analytics platform is its ability to operate as a verification tool to validate the accuracy of the data it ingests. It has a feature called trace that helps quickly identify any discrepancy in calculations. Further, Accio Analytics is a Microsoft Partner and has a partnership with IngramMicro to provide added global support to its clients.

Whenever a client approaches us with a specific challenge, we can customize the platform according to their requirements

All these capabilities have made the Accio Analytics platform a go-to partner for many businesses in the investment management industry. For instance, one of its clients discovered certain discrepancies in estimation during their second evaluation. They immediately used the trace feature to track the point of discrepancy. Within seconds, the client could identify that one of the values in security returns had been changed.

Instances of client success like this are testaments to Accio Analytics’ indomitable urge to manifest the highest level of efficiency and excellence in each of their projects. The company never ceases to improve and challenge the status quo. The coming years will witness Accio Analytics gearing toward improving its platform’s capabilities to equip clients with the ability to make more informed decisions regarding their investment strategies.

Accio Analytics

Richmond Hill, ON

Sean Mentore, Head of Technology and Architecture & Kamran Rizvi, Head of Product & Finance and Trang Nguyen, Head of Legal, Communications, and Operations

Accio Analytics offers a model-based analytics system with interactive Storyboards for performance returns, performance attribution, asset under management, risk, and security analytics. With a flexible architecture and integrated business intelligence tools for customizable reporting, Accio Analytics is a highly adaptable platform.

Accio Analytics