Accops: Reshaping Enterprise Desktop Computing

Vijender Yaday, Co-Founder & CEO
Gone are the days when cyberattacks were targeted solely on servers. Today, end users have emerged as the weakest link to IT security. Consequently, it has become imperative for organizations to secure their business applications running on their users’ device. As there is an uptick in cyber scams with ransomware in the forefront, Vijender Yaday, CEO and co-founder of Accops opines that Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) technology can shield the organizations from intrusion wherein critical data is stored where it’s most secure: the datacenter. VDI migrates the entire desktop environment to a datacenter, facilitating enhanced security of data and automation of desktop management, which enables users’ to access virtual desktops remotely. This is precisely where Accops comes into the picture with its expertise in developing application and desktop virtualization, thin clients and secure remote access products.

Enter Accops—a one-stop shop for workspace virtualization, assisting businesses to consolidate and secure their desktop IT infrastructure using proprietary VDI and remote access technologies. Accops is a workspace virtualization and remote access technology provider. The company’s product suite includes application and desktop virtualization software HyWorks, which provides a much-simplified interface and a single window solution to create, manage and deliver virtual hosted applications and virtual desktops from the data center. Combined with Accops's VDI optimized HyDesk family of zero client and thin client devices, organizations can replace the thick PCs with smart zero client devices, bringing all the desktop management to the data center.

Accops HySecure provide the mobility over untrusted network to user’s virtual desktop and host business applications by allowing secure access from any device, any time. HySecure brings together the performance, management, and functionality essential for enterprise remote access and cuts down the costs associated with other VPN solutions. Coupled with company’s multi-factor authentication platform, HyID, HySecure adds a strong layer of security features which complements inherent security benefits workspace virtualization.
HyID safeguards the business-critical applications with one-time password, bio-metrics parameters validations, and more, ensuring detection and prevention against identity thefts and misuse of privilege rights

In an instance, Accops assisted a large U.S. based financial data analytics company in analyzing the spending behavior of their end users. As part of compliance, the company could not deliver financial data access to desktop/laptop PC as it becomes prone to leakage. As their development center was located outside U.S., the company needed to securely access the transaction details of millions of consumers and process them through their systems. To make the data available to their staff, while meeting stringent compliance, the company evaluated VDI solution from one of the large VDI solution provider vendor. The company also evaluated Accops and found that Accops’ solution was more integrated and provided required security controls and obtained faster response from the support team and product management to address additional specific needs of the company.

We help make VDI projects simpler and realize ROI 2x faster

Accops has been successful in delivering a broad solution suite as an alternative to the market leading products. Accops customers appreciate the tight integration of Accops software and hardware endpoints that reduces time to resolve end user support calls by 50 percent. For end user, the thinclient is VDI and so they have a single vendor to call for any support issue. By combining the software and hardware required for implementing VDI and coupled with security functions, Accops has been able to deliver much faster ROI for the VDI projects.

Accops’ works through value added distributors and resellers and have their major presence in Japan, India, Europe and middle East. Accops is now hiring resellers in the U.S. and plan to tap into SME markets.


Pune, India

Vijender Yaday, Co-Founder & CEO

Helps organizations to secure desktop IT infrastructure using proprietary VDI and remote access technologies