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CIO VendorPatrick Vardeman, CEO
At Accudata Systems, customers come first. Founded in 1982, the company provides high-impact IT infrastructure services and integrated solutions to enterprises, large and small, across the world. Accudata’s eight practice areas (Advisory Services, Data Center Infrastructure, Security, Unified Communications, Networking, Enterprise Applications, Assessments and Compliance, and Managed Services) provide customers with a full range of IT solutions.

“We don’t deliver one-size-fits-all solutions,” says Accudata CEO Patrick Vardeman. “Accudata carefully analyzes each customer, and provides a custom solution that delivers real-world business outcomes. That’s why our partnership with Cisco is vital – they provide the same attention to customers that we do.”

Accudata’s Data Center Infrastructure, Unified Communications, and Network practices provide a full suite of virtualization, colocation, and migration solutions, as well as specialized communication infrastructure. The practices work intimately with Cisco to create holistic solutions that empower customers to continue driving business.

The IT industry is constantly moving forward – and so is Accudata. “Our employees understand that staying ahead of the game is vital,” Vardeman said. “Cisco makes it easy to stay one step ahead through its training courses and educational resources.”

Accudata’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve extends to its customers as well. In a recent engagement working with a major international oil and gas organization Accudata found that the company’s infrastructure communication, and support systems were segmented and varied at each site. The IT department couldn’t effectively manage or maintain the fragmented networks, and the IT costs were substantial.
After a full review of the company’s IT environment, Accudata and Cisco crafted a solution that fit their specific needs. By condensing the data center and leveraging Cisco’s advanced UCS computing, virtualization, and Nexus switching, Accudata enabled the company to limit its footprint and enhance its backup strategy.The solution simplified the support structure for its admins and allowed for easy growth of new sites, as the users were migrated to this foundation. In addition, collaboration and telepresence were added to their environment to resolve the company’s fragmented communications. Accudata and Cisco partnered to create a solution that scaled up for the future.

“Accudata doesn’t just fix problems,” Vardeman said. “We have to understand our client’s business needs come first. If a solution doesn’t add value to the business, then it isn’t really a solution. Cisco understands that completely, and it’s comforting to have a partner with that kind of ability.”

Sometimes the best business solution means thinking outside the box. Accudata understands that some solutions can change the game in ways never thought possible. To that end, Accudata has recently partnered with Honeywell Analytics and Cisco to deploy ConneXt Pro, an outdoor wireless gas detection solution for the energy sector, which is unlike anything on the market today.

“As our industry grows and expands, we plan to increase our focus on operational technology in specific verticals,” Vardeman said. “The ConneXt Pro is just one step towards that goal. We brought Cisco’s wireless expertise and Honeywell’s gas detection technology together to create a truly one-of-a-kind solution that will save time, money, and, most importantly, will help save lives.”

In the years ahead, Accudata will continue to evolve around building strong solutions for its clients. As the convergence of operations technology and information technology and the Internet of Things becomes more prevalent in the business environment, new solutions will be necessary. Accudata will continue to leverage and partner with Cisco as it looks towards future innovation.

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Patrick Vardeman, CEO

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