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Since 2005, Accurate Operational Support Systems (AccuOSS) has been at the forefront of designing, developing, and supporting Service Assurance and IT Operations Management solutions for the Satcom, Telco, Energy & Utilities, Healthcare, Local Government and Financial Services industries. The company leverages its cumulative decades of experience working in Network Operations Centres (NOCs) and assurance architecture and engineering roles across multiple companies. This ensures that IT operations staff, infrastructure, and applications work in the best interest of the business lines they support. “Our industry experience of working with technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, automation, and turn-key solutions like our AccuOSS Surveil—which is a service assurance platform as a service—allows us to deliver previously unachieved value,” says Rodney Rindels, the Managing Partner, and Senior Infrastructure Architect at AccuOSS. The company has hands-on experience deploying best-of-breed solutions in the AIOps space. It has a differentiated methodology that allows operations to quickly consume the value promised by these technologies.

AccuOSS combines consultative experience and best of breed technologies into multiple easily-consumable offerings to meet operational business challenges such as growing workloads but limited headcount, falling budgets, lack of visibility across client systems, applications and cloud technology silos, and slow response to detecting service impacting issues. Some of the key differentiating factors of AccuOSS include:

• A selection of best-of-breed service assurance platforms from renown vendors like Federos, IBM and Zenoss
• Full software development lifecycle services: design, installation, configuration, testing, deployment, production support
• Administration and Engineering staff augmentation
• Delivery and support teams
• Managed services and hosted services
•AIOps solutions enabling more prescriptive and consumable analytics

On the other end of the spectrum, AccuOSS engages with CIOs from a practical perspective to drive digital transformation. “When we speak with CIOs and senior executives regarding IT Operations, they recognize the strategic importance of embracing analytics and automation, but they often lack the budget and/or know-how to mature their operations in a meaningful way to drive insight, better customer experiences, and savings for the business,” mentions Michael T. Brown, the Vice President of Solutions Architecture and Development at AccuOSS. For these CIOs, AccuOSS has developed AccuOSS Surveil service assurance as a service solution and other managed services offerings. Through AccuOSS Surveil, AccuOSS offers IT organizations the robustness of a full network management system (NMS)—carrier-grade fault management with deduplication and correlation, IP-based network discovery for network topology and topology-based correlation, and network performance management—without the hassle of cumbersome administration and version upgrades. At its core, the platform comprises a fully-hosted, head-end where end-users simply access a secure HTML portal through any web browser and quickly see the health of their network and IT infrastructure.

Best of all, AccuOSS offers the solution in a consumable way that would otherwise render these capabilities off-limits to many businesses. In an instance, AccuOSS helped Horry Telephone Cooperative, the nation’s largest telco coop, consolidate its “hodge-podge” of tools and platform upgrading challenges by positioning a unified assurance solution from Federos called Assure1.

While other systems integrators in the service assuranceandIT operations industry often only focus on solutions for large enterprises and service providers, AccuOSS speaks to many middle-tier enterprises that suffer from the same challenges that many large-enterprises do

AccuOSS professional services designed, implemented, configured, and migrated from their existing solution to Assure1. In four short months, the company delivered the unified platform ahead of schedule. The new platform enabled HTC’s Network Operations Center (NOC) to get end-to-end visibility of their entire network and proactively monitor their equipment for potential problems. Deployment of the solution also allowed HTC to reclaim over a dozen servers that were once dedicated to their legacy platform and save tens of thousands of dollars on upgrade and annual maintenance costs.

What differentiates AccuOSS is its robust mix of solutions to fit all customer sizes and needs. While other systems integrators in the service assurance and IT operations industry often only focus on solutions for large enterprises and service providers, AccuOSS speaks to many middle-tier enterprises that suffer from the same challenges that many large-enterprises do. “AccuOSS has harnessed our experience with large enterprises and our robust solutions capabilities to deliver consumable, full featured hosted and managed solutions that were previously too cost prohibitive for smaller enterprises. AccuOSS clients realize benefit both financially and functionality as the AccuOSS approach democratizes service assurance through economies of scale and accrued features.” states Brown.

For the future, AccuOSS is excited about taking –AIOps and AccuOSS Surveil to the next level. The company has doubled down on its commitment to develop and deliver solutions built on top of the leading AIOps solutions in the industry. “To help customers realize value, AccuOSS is developing customer-centric algorithms to tune machine learning to customer use cases. We’re also developing essential enrichment and automation around vendor AIOps tools to enrich detected anomalies with more prescriptive data to make the anomalies more meaningful to operations,” says Rindels. With AccuOSS Surveil, the company is developing its next Surveil version “The Bobs” release. AccuOSS Surveil already provides customers with a world-class service assurance system that can fit most budgets. With the completion of The Bobs release, Surveil will also deliver customers the most modern and dynamic user experiences in the industry. “In The Bobs release, we’re focusing completely on the user experience of the application. This release will feature a whole new user interface that is multi-tenant, scalable, and dynamic for any browser and device type,” concludes Rindels.


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Rodney Rindels, Managing partner & senior infrastructure architect

Accurate Operational Support Systems (AccuOSS) has designs, develops and supports Service Assurance and IT Operations Management solutions for large enterprises and service providers to small-medium businesses. The company differentiates itself from the marketplace through its robust mix of solutions to fit all customer sizes and needs. The company has harnessed its experience and robust capabilities to be able to deliver affordable and consumable hosted and managed solutions that don’t compromise on functionality