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Kate Haley, CMO
We all have heard the contact center maxim – your call may be recorded for quality and training purposes. This fulfills the legal requirement of notifying the caller that they may be recorded as well as informing the parties that the company is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service through reviewing their calls. While call recording is becoming indispensable for quality customer-agent interactions and reducing liability, California's Silicon Valley-based Accurate Always is quietly cooking up a revolution in the contact center arena. The company provides efficient, managed communications recording solutions that catalog customer interactions and allow organizations to review, improve operations and positively impact their bottom-line.

The firm's Voxida platform is engineered to monitor, record, and analyze communications from varied sources such as proprietary PBX, VoIP, digital and analog telephones, HD video, computer screens, 2-way radio, and many others. Intelligent archiving allows for the retrieval of huge volumes of call data in mere seconds. Detailed customized reports, along with the unique capabilities stemming from the intelligent implementation of highly granular recording and monitoring rules, keep the feature-rich Voxida platform apart from the rest. Furthermore, Voxida’s ability to work without latency, even in a high traffic environment, makes it the first choice for real-time analytics and cradle-to-grave phone recording.

As Voxida was first developed for aerospace industry, fault tolerance and tight security were major steering forces, which has since been Voxida’s hallmark to date. Voxida is used to reduce liability, ensure compliance and to improve customer interaction quality while easily fitting into existing work-flows and onsite technology—be it in a single site or multiple site contact center environment.

Voxida makes recording and monitoring communications simple through a combination of artistry and engineering, which is presented in a single user interface. It’s powerfully straight-forward and most customers can be fully operational on its use in an hour or two. “We focus on making voice and video call recording incredibly easy to implement and use so that our customers can effortlessly manage all their contact center communications,” said Kate Haley, CMO at Accurate Always.

We focus on making voice and video call recording incredibly easy to implement and use so that our customers can effortlessly manage all their contact center communications

The platform is designed to adapt to the rapidly changing telecommunications landscape so that organizations can endure the telecom provider, PBX manufacturer and communications protocol technology shake up that surrounds modern telephony. “The Voxida solutions are platform-agnostic so no one gets painted in a corner and quickly needs forklift upgrades, which are otherwise common in the industry. Systems are designed for a decade of useful life and are field-upgradable, which makes Voxida a logical choice for mission-critical environments,” remarked Haley. Riding on its dynamic features, Voxida is trusted in variegated market segments including healthcare, aerospace, defense, and a growing amount of the Fortune 50 companies.

Accurate Always’ services and solutions are tailored to ensure reliability, flexibility, and expand in order to accommodate changing customer requirements, government regulations and best-of-breed technologies. The firm enjoys a customer retention rate of 98 percent, which speaks to the-superior customer service that Accurate Always delivers. The company has customers on five continents including Air Canada, BAE Systems, BP, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, CSC, DHL, Healthways, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, SAIC, Stanford University and Hospitals, and all branches of the U.S. military in domestic and foreign deployments. “We pride ourselves on anticipating what the overall industry and our individual customer’s future might hold. Our solutions scale easily to fit your business needs right now and in the future,” Haley concludes.

Accurate Always, Inc

Half Moon Bay, CA

Kate Haley, CMO

Provider of call, video recording and analysis solutions for contact centers and governmental organizations

Accurate Always, Inc