Accutive: The Paramount Importance of Safeguarding Data

Accutive: The Paramount Importance of Safeguarding DataFariborz Ordukhani, CEO
Without robust security measures, the unabated pace of the technological evolution renders enterprises vulnerable to data breaches and cyberattacks. Underpinned by the notion that today data security is critical to any successful business, Accutive brings to the table its specialized expertise in cybersecurity. “Safeguarding access to, as well as protecting the privacy and security of, sensitive customer and proprietary data should be of paramount importance. To this end, our team understands the nature of our clients’ business and the processes and data flow involved to deliver an effective solution,” explains Fariborz Ordukhani, the CEO of Accutive.

Started in 2009, Accutive today has grown to become a leading provider of IT services and products with three organizations under its umbrella; Accutive Security, Accutive Technologies and Accutive Financial Services. The company provides a broad range of consulting services including systems integration and enterprise security. Accutive’s strong suit is their Enterprise Data Masking (EDM) solution, a proprietary technology that performs automated discovery and anonymization of sensitive data to minimize potential data breaches. The innovative platform enables easy tracking and consistent masking of critical data while ensuring the data properties and fields remain intact across all sources, making it a game changer in the market. The platform reduces the risk of disclosing sensitive data that resides in testing, training, development, or third-party environments. The anonymized data stays fully functional, yet the information is no longer sensitive. “By consistently anonymizing data, our solution enables organizations to use realistic data to thoroughly test integrated applications within their non-production ecosystem,” explains Ordukhani.
Accutive also provides strategic cybersecurity implementation services and solutions and institutes custom information security programs for clients in industries including healthcare, financial services, technology, retail, and entertainment.

We provide end to end solutions by understanding the nature of our customer’s business to deliver an effective solution

Whether it’s handling regulatory compliance mandates such as SOX, HIPAA or GDPR; multi-factor authentication to ensure secure user access; or database encryption to protect sensitive data and Personally Identifiable Information, Accutive has a solution that fits. Alongside EDM, the Accutive team leverages data protection products developed by their enterprise security partners to provide robust and reliable protection to customers and their data.

Through its systematic yet flexible D4—Discover, Design, Develop, and Deploy—implementation methodology, Accutive is able to consistently implement solutions throughout the organization. Instead of being just another value-added reseller, the company focuses on being a client-centric, practical, and cost-effective partner with strong professional services to complement robust technical solutions. With its specialized team of experienced professionals, Accutive is dedicated to developing information security programs and implementing solutions to drive the security initiative to a successful completion. With its relationships with industry-leading partners, project management expertise, practical tools, and innovative solutions, Accutive aims to take away the pain of cybersecurity.


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Fariborz Ordukhani, CEO

Accutive provides a broad range of IT services and products, including enterprise security and systems integration