ACD Corp.: Changing the Traditional Approach to Claims Processing

CIO VendorErnie Bray, CEO

The claims handling sector for auto insurance companies is ripe for innovation. Presently, there are only three large legacy providers in the industry and much of this technology is outdated by modern standards. Insurers often find their processes are wrought with inefficiencies and the established solutions fail to address their changing needs. Carriers are often found craving for innovative and customizable solutions for their unique workflows.

Enter Carlsbad, CA based ACD Corporation, a claims technology and services provider in the multi-billion auto insurance claims industry. The firm is uniquely positioned to assist carriers in streamlining and improving the workflow processes in a highly fragmented industry. “Through our proprietary claims management, workflow and auditing solutions we offer scalable tools that provide an immediate ROI,” adds CEO, Ernie Bray. The company prides itself in customizing solutions that digitally empower claims professionals to manage their files more efficiently. ACD’s technology provides clients faster and more informed decision-making resources, ultimately leading to the best possible outcome.
The Need to Choose ACD

ACD provides a portfolio of technology solutions. The firm’s flagship products are AutoLink, PropertyLink and SubroLink. These solutions enable auto insurers to successfully manage a process that has been traditionally fragmented. The firm couples these solutions with a division of claims services that fully blend with and compliment its technology offerings.

Built from the ground up by claims industry leaders, ACD brings a unique experience and perspective to the entire claims process from beginning-to-end. “We are an active supporter of cutting-edge open-source software. Our systems are designed to take advantage of new advances in cloud infrastructure, dynamic programming languages and software services. We deploy code frequently, quickly, and safely,” mentions Ernie. The firm invests time in testing and rapid deployment environment so that it can deliver the best software to clients with the features they want and when they want them. “When you combine leading edge technology and mesh it with an unparalleled group of industry professionals, you are delivering something that no other company is providing,” adds Ernie.

For their services and the uniqueness, the company has attracted 11 of the 25 Property and Casualty providers in the United States along with a large variety of midsize and regional carriers. It has made fantastic headway in the midsize market where insurers do not have the infrastructure or financial means to develop in-house solutions. “We can easily assist an organization in improving their processes and workflows, enabling them to better compete with larger insurers,” adds Ernie.

Moving forward the firm has very aggressive growth plans that involve a pipeline of technology solutions that will further revolutionize the auto claims industry.


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Ernie Bray, CEO

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