ACDI: Embedded Print Management Software Solutions for SMBs

Josh Lane, President
According to a recent study released by the IT industry association, CompTIA, print volumes may have reached their peak today due to the digitization of information, prevalence of emails, and the expanding availability of content consumption devices. Yet, the growth opportunities for the Managed Print Service (MPS) providers are rising, with the advent of feature-rich devices and app-based wireless printing technology. Customers today are on the lookout for cost-effective and user-friendly multi-function (MF) devices that not only track all the printing in a network environment but also ensure an increased paper reduction. Catering to their needs is Little Rock-based Access Control Devices, Inc. (ACDI), the largest distributor of PaperCut software in North America. PaperCut’s print management software is vendor neutral and compatible with virtually every Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) in the market today. PaperCut software authenticates print jobs and through its flagship product, PaperCut MF, tracks off-the-glass usage-copy, fax, and scan.

“We are capable of customizing a solution for any environment with regards to the type of integration and engineering that may be required,” explains Josh Lane, President, ACDI. They have a well-equipped team that can install, train, and configure PaperCut software as well as integrate with any backend billing system or integrate any two products, whether it is software or hardware related.

PaperCut MF provides users the embedded capability of tracking off-the-glass functionality. MF is only available through authorized solution centers and their resellers. It offers innovative features including; secure printing, rules based routing, custom scripting, quota scheduling and find me printing. Another product, PaperCut NG, is a sister product of MF, and offers scalable print tracking functionalities. Papercut NG gives users control over their fleet of printers by intercepting print jobs on their servers and analyzing them. “From a MPS standpoint, it allows the client to see beyond the device based information,” Lane adds.

PaperCut MF provides users the embedded capability of tracking off-the-glass functionality

Additionally, in terms of delivering products and services, ACDI distributes products through the copier OEM and independent dealer channel alike, not directly to end users. With a good mix of experienced staff and a drive to offer the best products, the company has worked with several fortune 500 companies, prestigious universities and large healthcare systems over the last two decades. For instance, a healthcare system needed a flexible, manufacturer agnostic solution that would improve transparency, provide more billing details and rules with regard to printing and copying. Although many print management solutions were evaluated, in the end, PaperCut MF was the obvious choice. From a business standpoint, the software helped the client to simplify things such as hardware inventory, total device count, and the location of specific devices. Moreover, with it’s powerful reporting features, the decision makers could note who was printing what, where, why, and how. “It provided them with a centralized, real-time snapshot of their printing and copying fleet. But even more importantly, it revealed the print behavior of over 37,000 employees and staff across 207 locations,” says Mark Hart, Director of Professional Services, ACDI. Even without the implementation of rules based routing, the client attained a substantial cost savings, and the ROI was second to none.

For the road ahead, ACDI plans to add new products, such as scanning and mobile print, to their portfolio. “From a mobile enterprise standpoint, we are keen on making a difference in the market with our products,” Lane concludes.


Little Rock, AR

Josh Lane, President

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