ACE Network Consulting: Providing Proactive IT Management Solutions to Manage Business Requirements

Ryan Porter, Principal Consultant & Managing Partner
In today’s complex IT environment, every business owners require cost effective, reliable, expandable and efficient IT solutions that enable them to deliver the right products to customers efficiently. Headquartered in Tulsa, OK, ACE Network Consulting (ACE NET) offers, Microsoft and HP network systems integration solutions for businesses across the nation. They leverage their experience in the application of proven technologies and processes in various backgrounds including project management, network administration, design, technical support, software licensing and managed services to deliver solutions.

The company’s expertise in the superior design and deployment of Information Technology assets enable them to provide relevant technology solutions through strong, enduring business to business relationships. ACE NET’s customized solutions meet the networking needs of every client. “We make sure that the clients are getting what they need and not what they just ask. Our technical depth allows us to fulfill the project requirements in-house,” says Porter.

As several software licensing programs are creating confusion in the market, the company initially helps their clients recognize programs that have not been licensed accurately. “First and foremost, we help the customers with licensing questions, put them in right direction, and decide the type of licensing they require,” says Ryan Porter, Principal Consultant, Managing Partner, ACE Network Consulting.

The company believes in their tagline, trademarked “Living IT”, which encompasses three pillars—“Skill to Deliver, Passion to Empower and Integrity to Exceed. “As we are particularly looking for long term relationships, our thought process is completely different from that of our competitors, who promise for long term relationships but don’t follow it,” says Porter. A part from being a normal order taker, ACE NET partners with their clients by providing them ACE NET Assurance, an all-inclusive service solution provided to companies looking for relationship-based IT support.

In addition to developing long-term relationships with their clients, ACE NET has done the same with strategic partners such as HP, Microsoft, Synnex and other front-line vendor manufacturers.
This allows ACE NET to leverage these relationships for greater client satisfaction thereby delivering more value in their overall solution.

“While most of ACE NET’s competitors outsource the high end, technical consulting side to bigger companies, we handle it in-house, provide consultation leading to deploying,” says Porter. The company extends it services to help diverse organizations. In an interesting case study, ACE NET helped a client, by providing them an individual Office 365 domain where they

didn’t have a separate management system. In several occasions the client was unable to handle and manage their infrastructure as their Office 365 couldn’t share data and information between their lawyers and law clerks. By creating a domain, ACE NET helped the client to easily communicate and collaborate the information among all participants that ultimately lead to more efficiency.

While most of ACE Network’s competitors outsource the high end, technical consulting side to bigger companies, we handle it in-house and provide effective consultation to our clients

Being a Microsoft solution provider, most of the clients ACE NET has worked with are professionals from Windows platform, affirms Porter. Hence, they understand the requirements and aim in bringing positive experience, by educating clients on the benefits of products like Windows 8.1. The company also believes Azure as the best Microsoft platform that businesses can leverage to reach new heights.

Going Forward, ACE NET aims to transform itself into a level, where it can offer IT services as utility. “Also, being a Microsoft partner and a service provider, we are going to further enhance the products and services around various Microsoft platforms including Azure,” says Porter.

ACE Network Consulting

Tulsa, OK

Ryan Porter, Principal Consultant & Managing Partner and Pat Turney, Principal Consultant & Asst. Managing Partner

Provides solutions to manage a dynamic IT network focusing on the everyday demands of the business