Ace-Pros: Beginning Project on the Right Foot

CIOs face numerous issues while purchasing or implementing programs and Information Technology has always been a topic of discussion at the executive table. Most CIOs’ innovation plans face transparency issues and these issues appear on sundry levels. Customarily, the C-suite is cognizant of what they are buying into while other departments in the company may not be as inculcated on the subject matter. This compensates for quite an uphill battle in convincing the executive team to invest in something they’re not comfortable with or entirely cognizant about. Another issue that arises is the need to establish productive collaboration with other parts of the company.

Ace-Pros, Inc., a minority-owned business enterprise, is a provider of technical, consulting and staffing solutions. The company envisions in collaborating with the client’s team while integrating an incipient program or system and avails them to surmount the impediment of people who customarily obstruct the integration process. Ace-Pros’ team evaluates the client’s understanding of the new technology as well as their vision of the integration. The company provides consultants and specialists to best optimize current processes and help launch and integrate new technologies.

Headquartered in Herndon, VA, Ace- Pros has a relentless commitment to cutting-edge technological innovation and uncompromising quality. The company is developing products designed to make planning more dynamic and realistic, projects less painful, increased productivity, enhance delivery performance, and maximize customer satisfaction. Ace-Pros offers a host of solutions in analytics, applications, mobile, database technology and cloud computing that are designed to work seamlessly with SAP products. These solutions are helping businesses drive smarter decision-making while enhancing operational efficiencies.

Our consultants and specialists look at how to best optimize current processes and help launch and integrate new technology

“Enhancing operational efficiency is very important, and sometimes forgotten,” says Rahi Rajupalepu, Principal and Partner, Ace-Pros. The company works efficiently with its clients on SAP products and places a lot of emphasis on seamless integration of new technology since it can potentially affect every operation in the company.
Rahi Rajupalepu, Principal and Partner
Furthermore, Ace-Pros’ consultants and specialists look at every detail of the client’s projects and come up with the best implementation, integration, and launching initiatives.

Apart from delivering comprehensive solutions for seamless integration of SAP products with the latest technologies, Ace- Pros’ solutions help clients maximize their agility and eliminate the need for major IT investments. The company develops custom products which are valuable and affordable. SAP releases some of the most powerful and sophisticated product on the market and it is very time-consuming for the client to implement a new system and change their processes accordingly every time. Ace-Pros offers the alternative. The company guides clients towards successful implementations by reviewing the existing processes and simply tweaking the new system.

Having collaborated with the client’s team in implementing and integrating an incipient system, Ace-Pros’ services are also helping in the development of optimal methodology for its clients. Ace-Pros believes that its consultants and specialists exhaustively review the client company and engender a detailed profile of what an ideal candidate would be homogeneous to. “With detailed information, our search may yield less incoming leads, but promises higher quality and better matched candidates,” says Rajupalepu. Similarly, Ace-Pros program management service is aimed at helping companies develop an optimal methodology for its projects, based on the company’s size, resources, project portfolio, analysis and balance on ongoing projects and programs, and current operational model.

Ace-Pros has derived substantial outcomes in all its endeavors and is looking for new ways to assist its clients. The company plans to invest in its own people and technology. “We believe in maintaining our quality and customer satisfaction by maintaining employee contentment,” says Rajupalepu. Ace- Pros will keep in check with the current technology trends and develop custom products and strategies that will make its client’s lives easier.


Herndon, VA

Rahi Rajupalepu, Principal and Partner

A certified 8(a) minority-owned business enterprise providing technical, consulting and staffing solutions.