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Timothy Singleton, CEO
Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and Bono—what is common between three of the most successful men in the world? It is their ability to give back to society and listen to their inner voice guiding them through precarious decisions. Applying the same principle in his business processes, Timothy Singleton, CEO of Achieve IT Solutions has steered the company to become a leading provider of SAP business management solutions. In 2004, Singleton had to make a crucial decision in his career front. As a reseller for Infor, a software company specializing in business applications, Achieve IT was presented with new Partner Agreements which prohibited them from representing any other competitive products in enterprise software. The easier decision would have been to stick with Infor but Singleton took a stand keeping in mind his company’s growth in the long run. “I saw this as an opportunity for Achieve IT to use our expertise in the market and develop an add-on solution to SAP Business One, which we called Achieve One," states Singleton. Today Achieve One is sold and supported by a network of resellers throughout the world.

Developed specifically for SAP Business One—a business management software, AchieveOne extends the ability of Business One with 22 different SAP Certified modules. For the maximum benefit of their clients, Achieve One modules are embedded within Business One. Clients can license either one or all twenty-two modules categorized into three sections—productivity, supply chain management and vertical. While productivity helps clients automate and simplify back office operations, the second category—supply chain management automates the movement in inventory related transactions. It assists in activities like warehouse management, logistics, freight control and container management. Finally for the vertical suites Achieve One stands as a comprehensive solution for the unique requirements in sectors like chemical, distribution, rental and education.

Versatility all the Way with Achieve One

Following a philosophy that Singleton terms as ‘Business One first approach’ to develop features onto Achieve One, the company extends on the existing functionality inside Business One instead of recreating it. For instance, when SAP developed numerous inventory features around their bin management system, Achieve IT utilized those new features into their Achieve Warehouse Management System (WMS) application. For a seamless experience with Business One, Achieve IT releases their solution the same day that SAP releases a new version of Business One. “If a company has multiple independent solutions, one of those components may be months away from supporting the new release of Business One, but with our development methodology we are able to focus our resources on adding comprehensive business features, not being bogged down trying to integrate applications from different vendors,” informs Singleton. This prompt up gradation falls in tandem with Singleton’s belief that a client’s success is the foremost motive of the company.

With the globalization of Achieve IT, the decisions taken by its CEO is administered keeping in mind a broad range of business cultures and countries. However Singleton guides the company armed with a straight forward and honest work ethic when dealing with clients.
“Business executives throughout the world, all share the common objective of having business technologies help make their operations and overall organizations more efficient and profitable,” states Singleton. “Our people have the industry knowhow to understand their business requirements and implement a solution based on Achieve One with SAP Business One that address these requirements.”

In one instance, a large multinational cell phone distributor was relying on a series of custom sales and billing applications to maintain business operations. While the sales entry system allowed for fast order entry, it was not integrated into the clients’ QuickBooks and did not have a solution to automate their fast growing warehousing and logistics needs. The decision to choose Achieve IT Solutions was based on the depth of functionality and flexibility of SAP Business One to address all aspects of their sales, purchasing, inventory and financial requirements. While the integrated Achieve Supply Chain Management applications automated their entire shipping, logistics and warehousing process. During the first 30 days of operations, the client successfully received, sold and shipped over 1.2 million serialized items.

An Eye for Innovation Always

Keeping pace with innovations in SAP Business One, Achieve IT has made numerous investments, essentially in their technical teams. “The capable and dedicated people at Achieve IT are responsible for the inspiration and motivation that builds the company,” states Singleton. Furthermore, expanding their internal infrastructure to support the enhancements from SAP, Achieve IT has 6-7 HANA servers to support the development of their new SAP HANA based version of Achieve One. With an eye always open toward innovation, Singleton has dedicated a team of developers to incorporate new HTML5 technologies, such as SAP Fiori, that will incorporate a new generation of mobile and web enabled applications within Achieve One for SAP HANA.

Upholding their focus on ERP applications, Achieve IT plans on bringing the HANA version of Achieve One into larger organizations

Even after twenty five years in the role of a CEO, Singleton is constantly driven to deliver the best. “We want to further extend the functionality of our products for the benefit of enterprises that are looking at Business One as their ERP application,” remarks Singleton. In terms of geographic expansion the company plans on extending their global reach, using their office in India as the base for selling and supporting Achieve One throughout of Asia. The company is also contemplating expansion in Europe and Africa.

While the climb to success can never be devoid of its own set of challenges, Singleton perceives these odds in his way as “exciting” in nature. With such outlook and perseverance guiding the company, Achieve IT truly stands synonymous to its name, helping clients achieve their IT goals indisputably.

Achieve IT Solutions

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Timothy Singleton, CEO

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