Ackolyte Consulting: Regional US-Based Consultancy Changing the AWS Landscape

James Adams, Founder and President
The global pandemic has changed the landscape of business IT infrastructure forever, with some sources estimating that cloud adoption has been accelerated by five to ten years. As businesses discovered that the cloud enabled them to refocus their internal teams on growth rather than infrastructure management, a need arose for a new cloud consulting firm that could help maximize their investment in people and technology.

James Adams, Founder and President of Ackolyte, saw a gap in the market for turnkey partners that can provide top-tier US-based consultants in a regionalized model. “Time zones are extremely important. Our clients want to collaborate in real-time with experts during their working hours. It can be extremely frustrating to work with a partner operating in a near-shore or offshore model where the consultants are 5+ hours out of sync,” says Adams. This is why Ackolyte is organized regionally to allow for a remote plus travel model, which benefits clients both in cost and convenience since teams can collaborate remotely during working hours, and on-site travel is easier to arrange at a low cost. As a veteran of the cloud consulting industry, Adams and his team see businesses struggling to maximize the use of their proprietary data. There have been incredible advances in Machine Learning and Big Data almost daily during 2022, and businesses that don’t take advantage of this new technology will get left behind. But getting to the point where this cloud technology can be harnessed requires migration of applications and data to the cloud, as well as structuring and cleaning large amounts of data. Ackolyte is structured to provide turnkey solutions for exactly this path to success with the incredibly advanced tools of the AWS cloud.

Ackolyte recently assisted a manufacturing industry client in enhancing their predictive analytics through customized AWS models. By flattening data according to relationships and interdependencies, Ackolyte Consulting created a Machine Learning model aligned with the client’s objectives across disparate industries.
It credits these successes to its team of highly seasoned professionals with decades of industry experience. In addition to helping clients already using AWS, Ackolyte migrates companies off of on-premises data centers and other less robust cloud platforms such as Heroku, Digital Ocean and Apptio. The company’s migration approach follows a co-delivery model where the client is considered a true partner in realizing the goals of the business.

A critical success factor is the client education that takes place during the engagement. Adams says, “Clients turn to us because they need access to deep AWS expertise that can lift them to the next level. Quite simply, we help them accelerate and optimize their business.”

Clients turn to us because they need access to deep AWS expertise that can lift them to the next level. Quite simply, we help them accelerate and optimize their business

As the economy tightens up, Ackolyte sees an opportunity for clients to review their architecture and use the latest AWS cloud-native services to optimize their cloud spending. In this fast-paced world of cloud computing, new services frequently emerge, often providing faster, better and less expensive ways of accomplishing business goals and outcomes. Adams believes businesses must conduct regular audits to ensure they are optimizing their AWS environment and ensuring their data security.

Moving forward, as organizations continue adopting the cloud to gain actionable data insights, Ackolyte Consulting is perfectly poised to help them achieve their goals in a highly impactful manner with its unique, turnkey business model.

Ackolyte Consulting

Redmond, WA

James Adams, Founder and President

Ackolyte is a US-based, regionally-organized, dedicated AWS Advanced Tier partner focused on cloud migration, application modernization and data platform enablement.

Ackolyte Consulting