Acnovate Corporation: Engineering a Comprehensive PLM Package

As a product lifecycle management (PLM) Solution provider, California-based Acnovate offers use case-dominant solutions for PLM. With 14 years of experience in the PLM space, the company stands out from the rest as pioneers, specializing in everything that pertains to the PLM industry. Acnovate has evolved from being a pure play service provider to Solution provider. Acnovate’s scalable Qiwk® Mobile PLM solutions available in all three—iOS, Android, and Windows platforms—are unrivaled in terms of its features. “We have taken on a Micro App-based approach to our mobility solutions,” says Ravi Metrani, founder and CEO of Acnovate.

Acnovate interacts with its customers to understand the business challenges and resolve to improve user acceptance. “Being a PLM centric Solution provider, we touch everything that it integrates with. Our core strength is integrating various enterprise applications.”

Today, most companies build apps loaded with functionalities, which mirrors a desktop application. This results in a complex interface with a wide range of menu options resulting in slow-to-load and hard-to-use apps. Our experience in the market has led us to build MicroApps, which helps us to deliver a ‘consumer app-oriented’ experience to the otherwise traditional enterprise app.

One of the most popular solutions, characterized by Mr. Metrani, using a micro-app is “sample tracking” for the fashion industry. Large organizations that get samples worth millions of dollars from overseas vendors, want something simple to track the location or status of samples at any point in time. “As RFID-based solutions did not turn out to be cost-effective, we came up with a simpler solution using the QR codes, for which the client could forgo the need to buy separate hardware as they could use their existing smartphones,” mentions Metrani. When the supplier sends in the product from the factory to the client, they send the samples with a printed QR code generated from PLM system. Once the shipment arrives at the warehouse, it can be scanned using a smartphone to receive the material and make comments about the sample. The subsequent movement of the samples can be tracked throughout the enterprise. It is a simple, cost-effective solution that brings in substantial savings.

Acnovate has an innovation lab which is working to integrate new technologies, such as AI/Machine Learning, Blockchain, and Augmented Reality, into mobile-based enterprise applications.

Being a PLM centric Solution provider, we touch everything that it integrates with. Our core strength is integrating various enterprise applications

Acnovate is currently working on a use case which combines artificial intelligence with image recognition and blockchain technology to verify the authenticity of goods.

Amidst Acnovate’s Qiwk® mobile PLM tools and solutions, “Qiwk Collaborate” for both the fashion and engineering industry stands out, allowing real-time sharing of information and enabling collaborations across the enterprise possible. The Qiwk Collaborate platform was developed keeping in mind the needs of the product design and development teams in an organization. Typically, most organizations use email communication to discuss any challenges or product issues with their team members. These do not get recorded in the PLM system, and the valuable insight which may be used for new product development process is lost. Further the problem gets accentuated when a member suddenly leaves the organization; the data gets stuck in that user’s account with no way to access it unless someone goes through the email chain manually. What Acnovate did for its retail customers, was implementing a customized messenger application to mirror the development process. A user could create a chat session with select team members on specific issues, which is directly stored in the PLM system. The application also allows one to capture an image, markup, comment and share it with the team members.

Well-known in the domain of PLM, Acnovate’s customers include Fortune 100 companies and top luxury brands. Acnovate strives to bring in next generation technologies to PLM mobile platform, and make it intuitive and user-friendly for their customers.

Acnovate Corporation

Santa Clara, CA

Ravi Metrani, CEO

Offers services and solutions for the product lifecycle management (PLM), engineering and regulatory compliance domain

Acnovate Corporation