Aconex: Online Alliance Stage To Surpass The Hurdles

Leigh Jasper, CEO
Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, Aconex is an online collaboration platform for construction and engineering projects. It has been providing Project Information Management (PIM) for construction industry since its inception in 2000 and has helped owners, contractors, consultants, PMs and EPCMs to get better financial returns and trim down risk on over $800 billion worth of projects.

The word ‘Aconex’ stands for handling of all documents, communication and business processes in one agreed and reliable mode with respect to in construction and engineering project. The firm helps to manage the flow of drawings, Building Information Model (BIM), 3D models, contracts, reports, schedules, other documentation, safely and competently, between all project participants.
The firm provides a secure and central stage that helps its customers upload and distribute files of any size from anywhere. The platform also helps to manage revision control and retrieve and view any type of document or drawing.

The company’s service helps clients to retrieve project mail in seconds, track progress in real time and rely on an iron-clad audit trail, since nothing is deleted. Aconex manages standard industry processes around RFIs, bids, tenders, management of vendor data and cost information.

Aconex will continue to supply solutions to permit their increasing customer base to be inventive data driven businesses. The online Aconex platform allows its clients to collaborate securely, efficiently and easily. The firm’s hard work for reducing risk and improved returns of its clients make it imperative for clients.


San Francisco, CA

Leigh Jasper, CEO

Provides the most widely used multiparty online collaboration platform for construction and engineering projects