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Lia Majid, CEO
In the modern Legal services arena, e-discovery providers must consider the exponential data volumes and understand the specific requirements and the point-of-view of the lawyers while adhering to the pre-set timelines and budgets. With a unique intuition about the potential the legal market possesses, Lia Majid, one of the youngest entrepreneurs with an abstract mathematics and a rigorous business process, design and project management background established Acorn Legal Solutions to enhance the accuracy of the litigation research process. “At Acorn, we understand all the components required to make litigation easier in this cross-disciplinary industry and we strive to help clients achieve success,” extols Lia, CEO, Acorn Legal Solutions.

Being cognizant of the varied scenarios in the legal market, Acorn has aligned their suite of innovative solutions based on specific client requirements to address three distinct categories. Firstly, in the large volume high stake litigation front where analytics proves to be disruptive, the advanced analytics tools are changing and require customized solutions. Acorn leverages a proprietary process to forecast data volume, data arrival dates and document counts to be organized in a customized workflow, which enables customers to complete projects on time and budget using advanced analytics. Lia explains further, “Our job is to be the subject matter expert on statistics. We give clients the confidence to know that they can go to court or go to the opposing side and defensibly argue the statistics of using advanced analytics.” The Acorn team is proficient on four different technology-assisted review platforms—Relativity Analytics, Nuix, XERA, and Catalyst. Secondly, for the novice legal firms in the e-discovery space, Acorn provides a seven-step program and a dedicated customer success manager to guide and educate them through the intricacies of budget, timeline, and cost of review to be effectively presented to their clients.

Thirdly, for the technologically sophisticated firms confident in transactional e-discovery, their requirement is for an e-discovery vendor who can help manage the business processes and deliver good analytics, and information around budgeting and timelines; whole service solutions rather than just e-discovery solutions.

At Acorn, we understand all the components required to make litigation easier in this cross-disciplinary industry and we strive to help clients achieve success

To this end, Acorn developed a proprietary project management platform—‘Blade’, to enhance the e-discovery process. Blade provides frequent and consistent updates on work progress, historical usage data, and business process analytics. Furthermore, the platform acts as a management analytics tool and the users can view different litigation data such as data size, expenses, and timeline in a single location. The executives of the law firms can assign permission levels to the users of the platform within the firm as well as send tickets from within the platform.

With an emphasis on the assistance they provide, Lia shares an anecdote, wherein a customer on the plaintiff-side that had 10 million documents was looking for indisputable evidence on a limited budget and timeline. In the background, Acorn worked directly with the attorneys to understand the nature of the legal case and what data was required to find the right evidence. Moving the process forward, advanced analytics prioritized the data required by the clients and they only had to review less than eight percent of the 10 million records in their database to find the evidence. The client successfully closed a multi-hundred-million-dollar settlement in less than two years.

Riding on the growing success of Acorn, Lia explains that her deep attention to the changing analytics technology will help them to add novel tools, employ talents and expand project management in the near future. Acorn rules by its maxim “where there is transparency there is success” and is set to transform the role of analytics in the legal space.

Acorn Legal Solutions

Chicago, IL

Lia Majid, CEO

Acorn provides advanced analytics for documentation review and educational guidance for e-discovery

Acorn Legal Solutions