Acquia: Digital Experiences with ‘Open’-ness

Dries Buytaert, Co-founder & CTO
Whilst open source communities continue to grow and thrive, the dominance of proprietary commercial software is declining. The adoption of open source architecture has also pushed the proprietary solutions to the periphery in the Content Management System (CMS) landscape. The conception of Drupal—an open source CMS platform—in 2001 has carved a significant touch-point in the realm of open source communities accentuating the need of open source technology to power their digital experiences. It was this soaring demand that sparked the genesis of Acquia in 2007. The digital experience company offers cloud platform for building, delivering, and optimizing world-class digital experiences by leveraging open source Web Content Management (WCM).

To begin with, Acquia empowers organizations with freedom and flexibility Drupal offers, with a secure platform-as-a-service cloud environment. Steered under the leadership of the original creator and project lead for Drupal—Dries Buytaert, the Acquia Platform actively contributes personalization, content syndication, and much more to the Drupal web content management system. “At Acquia, we are deeply committed to providing training and resources to help Drupal users drive innovation, and to fuel the pace of adoption,” says Buytaert, CTO, Acquia. The firm’s platform scintillates for beefing up Drupal core in the areas of performance, multilingual, mobile-friendly authoring experience, and release management. Acquia has also developed a freely available open source starter kit to simplify accessing rich functionalities of Drupal 8. The starter kit provides a framework for accelerating Drupal 8 development, streamlining authoring, and simplifying management of content and experiences.

The firm also assists customers to sew content and customer data from disparate sources, delivering data-driven and personalized experiences in Drupal across web, mobile, and social channels. Taking personalization to a new high, Acquia’s team developed a tool— Lift—that allows organizations to deliver personalized experiences across any set of digital platforms. Lift’s Javascript tags and flexible APIs simplifies implementation of personalization initiatives by IT team.

With Acquia Cloud, the end-to-end solution optimized for Drupal, developers can build, test and deliver websites quickly.

At Acquia, we are deeply committed to providing training and resources to help Drupal users drive innovation, and to fuel the pace of adoption

The solution’s drag-and-drop workflow functionality simplifies deploying code from dev and stage environments to production, shortening a day’s long IT process into seconds. The secure platform also manages back-end infrastructure and meets stringent compliance standards, assisting developers to build on safe, reliable, and scalable platform. As breakthrough technologies are disrupting every industry, the Acquia Platform opens up the floor for constant innovation provisioning contextually optimized and real-time customer engagement for the right customer, on the right device, and at the right time.

Acquia’s clientele base comprises of renowned organizations like Warner Music Group, Intuit, and Stanford University for its unparalleled expertise and incessant commitment to deliver success. Once, when Georgia based The Weather Channel, provider of weather forecasts, started using Drupal for elevating agility of its content creation and publishing, they approached Acquia for creating dynamic experiences. The client moved their entire website to Acquia Platform to revive its legacy digital WCM system for improved engagement and experience management. “With Acquia, we can innovate quickly to create new dynamic experiences for our site visitors. Drupal has the right combination of agility and connectedness that allows us to expand our platform and maintain quality at the same time,” states Chris Hill, vice president web development, Weather Channel.

The firm has been forging ahead delivering customized content and experiences with the highest level of Drupal expertise for driving success with web and digital initiatives. Adding to the traction of Drupal, Acquia looks forward to continue leveraging the convergence of content management, web frameworks, and social media, to deliver transformative business results.


Boston, MA

Dries Buytaert, Co-founder & CTO

Cloud platform provider leveraging open source Web Content Management for delivering digital experiences