Acronis International: Rendering Robust Data Safety to Optimize HPC Platforms

Jeff Stiles, CMO
High Performance Computing (HPC) and the practice of aggregating computing power is an important driver in creating, processing and managing large volumes of data. Supervising large amounts of data often involves insecurities in data exposure, prompting the IT sector to implement innovative solutions that would avoid mishandling of confidential information and safeguard it. Acronis International, a Woburn based company, deals with the key challenge of data protection with its end-point solutions, backup, data recovery and secure access for data safety and business continuity. “With the upsurge in BYOD trend, there is a huge need to secure sensitive data which entails organized procedures, considering the presence of data in various endpoints and solutions requiring to work beyond on-premise servers. With all those sources data is exploding which can lead to data loss,” asserts Jeff Stiles, CMO, Acronis International.

Acronis’ AnyData Engine—the core suite of technology that powers all data protection products offered by the firm— helps enterprises safeguard their data. It is a set of powerful new generation data protection technologies that capture, store, recover, control and access data in virtual, physical, cloud and mobile environments. “Protection covers any type of data, in any environment and any location, with the ability to easily migrate data and manage users either unified or by policy. Our solutions can be implemented both as a product and as a hosted service from our partners,” says Stiles. Fueled by over 100 patents, AnyData Engine’s modular architecture allows the client to use one or more products, designed and optimized for a specific workload.

“The Acronis AnyData Engine provides a unified Interface, unified policies as well as centralized management and reporting, rendering protection in the cloud and on site,” says Stiles. For customers who use more than one product to meet their specific HPC requirements, the company employs Acronis Management Server (AMS)—a single pane-of-glass that manages the backup and recovery of all data across multiple Acronis products.
“With Acronis’ unified policies, system administrators have the ability to define and manage consistent data protection policies and still get highly efficient, granular control.The Acronis AnyData Engine combines data backup, bare metal restore, migration, system deployment, recovery, and access,” says Stiles.

Acronis’ products ensure protection and enable secured sharing of the massive volumes of data created and manipulated with HPC. “HPC needs business continuity and our products minimize the impact of something going wrong. Other benefits involve faster image backups, prompt recovery, active restore feature and; saves server backup as a virtual machine (VM) to retrieve it back easily in the future when needed,” sites Stiles. The company’s expertise also expands to the dimensions of secure file synchronization and sharing.

Our solutions can be implemented both as a product and as a hosted service from our partners

Acronis’ proficiency can be clearly perceived by its 100 global patents focused on data protection.
“Acronis invests 20 percent of its budget into R&D. With 330 world-class developers, 45 percent of our headcount sits in R&D,” states Stiles. For instance, the company has helped many clients, including Oxford University, in an instance to partition and clone its machines while meeting their IT support obligations.

The firm has recently launched backup-as-a-service partnering with service providers like U.S. Signal and IT Conte in Sweden. “Our company has grown to include 20 offices all over the world, with data centers around the globe including Germany and soon, the UK,” concludes Stiles.

Acronis International

Woburn, MA

Jeff Stiles, CMO

Provides its end-point solutions, backup, data recovery and secure access for robust data safety.