Across Healthcare: Facilitating Patient Interaction through Integrated Platform

Johnathan Samples, Co-founder
Changes in the healthcare landscape have empowered patients with an active role in the entire health delivery cycle. The traditional healthcare communication systems are slow to adopt interoperability standards such as Continuity of Care Document Architecture (CCDA) and Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR). With emerging trends like consumerization, patients now demand more from their care providers, resulting in restructuring of existing business approaches. The obsolete method of patient’s information living in silos is being reformed by companies like Across Healthcare. With the power of a dynamic cloud platform and centralized Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), the health delivery processes are becoming more streamlined. The Georgia based company, Across Healthcare, has incorporated the latest trends to ensure seamless communication between patients and care-givers. According to the Co-founder of Across Healthcare, Johnathan Samples, “We have embraced cloud computing and consumerism and are working hard to move healthcare from a transactional business interaction to a meaningful and emotional interaction.”

Across Healthcare offers a cloud-based integrated patient engagement platform called inTouch that runs on the Microsoft Azure data center. The platform has an automated process to remind patients about an appointment or cancellation, while even allowing patients to confirm or re-schedule appointments via phone call, e-mail, or text message. This greatly minimizes the workload of the office staff and increases patient participation in the healthcare delivery process. The outcome is patients miss fewer appointments and close the gaps in care. inTouch allows providers to follow-up the visit with automated surveys that provide real time statistics to the user. The inTouch platform is compatible with smart phones, tablets, and other devices capable of receiving customized messages and instructions to enhance a patient’s experience in healthcare. “Through inTouch, we reach out to patients to track their health progress,” adds Samples. With the help of the inTouch platform, users can receive detailed health reports and analytics in form of automated monthly reports.
“We provide custom designed surveys for patients’ needs that are sent automatically via SMS or e-mail, based on the Electronic Health Record (EHR) events,” affirms Samples. The solutions provided by the company embrace a consumer-first approach through its user-friendly surveys. Samples opine, “Across Healthcare has pioneered in cloud-based engagement platform with a state-of-the-art communication methodology.”

The firm also utilizes its platform and expertise to connect other healthcare vendors with many electronic health records. This allows the vendors to focus on their application and not the nuances of each EHR. The client is able to build a single solution that can work with multiple EHRs, giving the client a competitive advantage.

The thirst to understand what is coming and use it in a way that others haven’t thought about can be seen in everything we do

Such value-oriented offerings are a result of the company’s investments in new technologies and training its members on emerging technology and healthcare trends. “The thirst to understand what is coming and use it in a way that others haven’t thought about can be seen in everything we do,” states Samples.

Along with leveraging the latest technologies, the company will focus on offering mobile solutions that will redefine the communication process between care-providers and patients. Across Healthcare also looks forth for different devices that would enable receiving and transmitting back vital data to the EHR. “We want to explore the impact of Internet of Things on healthcare and provide interactive devices for a more seamless client experience,” concludes Samples.

Across Healthcare

Carrollton, GA

Johnathan Samples, Co-founder

Provider of a cloud-based integrated engagement platform that allows interaction between patients and care-givers.