Russell F. McCann, Jr. Co-founder, CEO & President
With the rise of the internet and social media, data on customer experiences, product perception, branding, and the voice of the customers surround organizations in the digital ether. Capturing that data to evaluate customers’ and potential customers’ interactions with a brand—known as website research—often uses tools such as contact forms, feedback services, event-driven analytics and surveys. OnCue Research provides a digital research management platform—“OnCue” —that enables all researchers within an enterprise to easily conduct research with live website visitors using the best of breed Do-It-Yourself (DIY) tools that support their particular research problem.

Just like Content Management Systems (CMS) were created to manage the creation and upkeep of web content (and reduce dependent on IT), OnCue does the same thing for researchers through a Website Research Management System (WRMS). The typical challenges here include delays caused by dependencies on IT deployment/de-installation, limitations of current tools on the number of research projects that can be deployed simultaneously without effecting site visitor’s user experience, repetitive Quality Assurance tests due to differences in website deployment configurations, all of which delays receiving timely research data. Through OnCue, researchers can design their website research strategy at the enterprise level, then choose the DIY research tools that best fit their needs for that strategy— then easily deploy research through OnCue. “Through OnCue, researchers manage every research deployment across an enterprise’s multitude of websites—without the need for an IT professional which reduces the time to deploy up to 95 percent and the QA time up to 66 percent. With OnCue, an enterprise’s web properties become an always on research panel of real customers providing insights without the associated research panel costs,” says Russell Cowdrey, President.

One example of OnCue’s application is its use by a customer’s team of nine researchers responsible for improving the customer experience on 20 multi-lingual marketing and application management websites. The research was often delayed waiting for IT to deploy one research project at a time to each language site, and at times, they were working with different IT teams for each country site.

By utilizing OnCue with less expensive do-it-yourself tools, research teams can get the same performance of the high-end solution for much less

OnCue allowed each researcher to quickly deploy surveys and specialized analytics to targeted areas within minutes of completing the survey design or setting up the analytics account, improving the pre-launch Quality Assurance and reducing deployment and data receipt times significantly.

OnCue’s key benefits include eliminating the IT bottleneck, controlling all online research, sampling site visitors, easily connecting 3rd party tools, elimination of the need for coding, mobile management of research, and unlimited domains. It is designed with the researcher’s needs in mind to make design, deployment and management faster and easier which simultaneously enriches the results of the research and produces a stronger Return on Investment through the use of best-in-class less expensive DIY tools. At a more strategic level, OnCue’s ability to separate website research deployment capabilities from the research tools themselves, gives researchers the freedom to switch research vendors without the worry of additional IT implementations.

The team at OnCue has a long history of working with clients to implement website research and running hundreds of engagements with 10s of millions of website visitors. OnCue has been a “behind the scenes” tool for the last several years and has recently been launched as a publicly available tool. With the launch, their roadmap and business strategy has shifted to developing channel partners and enhancing the platform’s usability and flexibility. OnCue’s goal is to make integrating new tools into website research a “Do-It-Yourself” process as well. At the end of the day—“By utilizing OnCue with less expensive Do-It-Yourself tools, research teams can get the same performance of the high-end solution for much less,” says Cowdrey.


Portsmouth, NH

Russell F. McCann, Jr. Co-founder, CEO & President

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