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Joe Kuncharia, Founder and Chief Strategist
Quite often, businesses have certain processes and workflows that are not accommodated by the standard integration and automation solutions available for enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Meanwhile, it continues to be imperative for organizations to automate these specific business processes to support critical revenue generators and product strategies. Against this backdrop, there is an evident need for a platform that seamlessly merges these unique organization-specific processes with business process management systems.

New York-based actionfi is filling this void with its RUNMYBOT platform that custom izes and streamlines business integration and automation across multiple ERP systems. The RUNMYBOT platform was born out of the need for standardization in the ERP environ ment as a result of companies transitioning to the cloud. RUNMYBOT’s built-in function and technology-specific integrations help users switch their processes to the cloud seamlessly. Companies can benefit from its remarkable business agility by employing customized ERP integration to connect applications, data, and devices on-premise or in the cloud. The plat form encapsulates and stores business-specific customizations required for the transition in their AI-based platform, which offers end-to end automation. The firm also provides a li brary of integration and automation templates that assists clients in evaluating their consumer scenarios to provide custom-designed demos that address their unique requirements.

“In the past, organizations only had surface-level information on the success or failure of a business process with no way of know sing ‘why?’ With actionfi’s platform, clients gain invaluable, deep insights,” explains Joe Kuncharia, founder and chief strategist of actionfi. The RUNMYBOT platform’s built-in analytical capability called Insights provides firms with continuous learning and adaptive models that further improve the business process. Thanks to these Insights, firms can now predict and detect problems before they manifest, enabling firms to work on the resolution much faster.

actionfi also provides sophisticated toolkits for the integration and customization of business processes. All of actionfi’s services are driven by a revelation they had while dealing with issues from both the supplier’s and the customer’s perspectives. They wanted to provide clients with the freedom of customization without making it overly complicated. In general, most toolkits in the market are so complex that it is necessary to bring in experts, whereas the simplicity and comprehensiveness of RUNMYBOT let anyone use it.
All of these tools are accompanied by complementary services such as 24/7 maintenance, management, and system upgrades.

The advantages that actionfi’s offerings bring to clients can be noted through its numerous client success stories. For instance, Rupak Anto, chief technology officer of retailcloud, states, “We use RUNMYBOT platform to provide end-to-end integration and automation that are consumerized and ‘easy to implement’ that change the way small merchants operate their business so profoundly that it’s hard to switch back. With RUNMYBOT, we reduce the end to-end integration time by 63 percent and en able faster rollout of the solution while virtually eliminating the human errors when handling data.”

In the past, organizations only had surface-level information on the success or failure of a business process with no way of knowing ‘why?’ With actionfi’s platform, clients gain invaluable, deep insights

Another illustration of actionfi’s exemplary service comes from Optimus Price a software as-a-service (SaaS) firm that uses artificial intelligence to improve retail profits, both physi cal and e-commerce. Thanks to the use of AI, Optimus Price makes sure that every product in the store always has the optimal price accord ing to demand and market conditions. “We use actionfi’s RUNMYBOT platform to seamlessly integrate Optimus Price with the retailer’s ERP systems. With RUNMYBOT, our customers do not need to worry about the integration and changing technology stacks. Our retail customers were able to increase the Time-to-Value of Optimus Price platform by 72 percent and reduce the cost of tech nical resources by 64 percent by adopting RUNMYBOT integrations,” states Carlos Fenollosa, CEO of Optimus Price.

actionfi, with its platform and solutions, is revolutionizing the business landscape and providing numerous organizations with customizable ERP systems. Using RUNMYBOT, clients have been able to notice radical changes in their business through AI analytics, standardization, and automation. actionfi is keen on constantly improving its state-of-the-art platform to empower clients with RUN MYBOT’s endless potential.


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Joe Kuncharia, Founder and Chief Strategist

actionfi provides a platform for automating business processes across multiple ERP systems. The RUNMYBOT platform manages and monitors AI-based software automation to produce quantifiable and predictable results.