ActionPointNA: Corporate Performance Driven By Data

Wenceslao Ponce, Founder & CEO
The journey from starting any business to making it successful primarily depends on smart decision-making governed by seasoned employees and advisors. However, to reach that goal, companies need to identify and leverage the key datasets that really matter, which has been an ever-present challenge for global enterprises. Wenceslao Ponce, the founder and CEO of ActionPointNA, wanted to give businesses this precise capability when he established a management and technology consulting firm specializing in business analytics and data integration.“ActionPointNA is committed to helping businesses improve performance and maintain or reclaim the cutting edge that makes them unique as industry leaders while building a solid community of successful analytics executives,” says Ponce.

Though ActionPointNA is fairly new in the consulting space, its team encompasses decades of collective experience in the EPM arena across a multitude of industries. By combining their expertise with analytics technology, the firm offers a unique client-specific EPM solution that enables enterprises to use their data as an asset to gain insights and make informed decisions. Being a former CIO, Ponce understood that there was no one-size-fits-all technology solution that companies could implement to identify, analyze, and secure their data. So, the company aligned itself with many strategic technology partners to expand their capabilities and introduce solutions based on requirements rather than pre-determined formulas. The firm’s step-by-step approach allows enterprises to self-sufficiently use their data to create customer, financial, and operational value. By carefully understanding the consumer’s requirements, ActionPointNA recognizes critical path components such as hidden threats, vulnerabilities, and areas of improvement within the organization by using comprehensive roadmaps, executive dashboards, and enhanced data visualization. As a part of their offering, the firm also handles backend data issues such as import and export, consolidation, ETL, as well as structured and unstructured data.

ActionPointNA caters primarily to four sectors—retail, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, and financial services. However, the processes that govern enterprise performance management is relatively the same for every industry.

ActionPointNA is committed to helping businesses improve performance and maintain or reclaim the cutting edge that makes them unique as industry leaders

Strategizing and designing are the initial phases of devising a solution, and it involves building a strategic blueprint to achieve the goal set by the client, along with identifying business requirements for the future, and developing a solution using incumbent or newly acquired software. The latter half revolves around implementing precise and effective processes targeted to deliver quick results in short deployment cycles, complete project management, and optimization. In one instance, a client from the distribution sector needed a consolidated view of their inventory across the organization as it was impacting their ability to service their customers. Due to the high number of stock keeping units and a limited view of the overall inventory, the client was on the verge of losing major customers and important partnerships. To support the initiative, ActionPointNA built a planning and financial reporting solution along with operational reporting and an executive dashboard based on the insights gained from their in-house and third-party data sources. Upon project completion, the company was able to view its global inventory positions and reduce costs seamlessly. As a result, the global distributor is successfully growing in the industry and signing new distribution agreements, all representing the potential and capabilities of ActionPointNA.

Recently, ActionPointNA partnered with Jedox AG, a provider of integrated enterprise planning and corporate performance management (CPM) software solutions. “Since we have considerable dashboard and visualization experience with Qlik and other tools, our Jedox data connector for Qlik makes for a powerful and seamless solution for analytics across the enterprise,” says Ponce.


Costa Mesa, CA

Wenceslao Ponce, Founder & CEO

ActionPointNA is a management and technology consulting firm specializing in business analytics and data integration