ActiveEon: Best Scheduler & Orchestrator Suite for Big Compute in AWS

Denis Caromel, Founder & CEO
Today, it has become an imperative for enterprises to adopt newest applications such as Big Data Analytics, Deep Machine Learning, AI, and IoT to execute workloads, process voluminous data, gain insights, and make right business decisions. However, these behemoth applications require limitless CPU and memory resources and impel businesses to seek rescue in cloud computing. AWS emerges as a white knight that offers all computing resources needed for a business success, but enterprises use complex and high priced schedulers to manage these cloud components. San Jose, CA-based ActiveEon’s scheduling and orchestration solutions trump the market choices as they are open source, economical and facilitate a broad gamut of tasks. “ActiveEon is an ISV automating and accelerating workload in AWS and other clouds. For IT workload, big data analytics, machine learning, we make it faster, easier,” says Denis Caromel, Founder & CEO, ActiveEon.

With ActiveEon’s Proactive Workflows & Scheduling solution, businesses can automate workloads, design efficient workflows, aggregate resources, and share data in hassle-free manner while keeping vigil over resources and applications. Users can add virtual machines to a pool of resources and use them to execute workflows. While automating a gamut of tasks and optimizing resources, the Workflows & Scheduling solution gives an overview of disk space left, CPU, memory, network usage and list of processes. The solution presents not only precise information about resources but also runs built-in Desktop Agent smart software as a background service to let businesses tap their underutilized resources. The solution also secures data and processes with LDAP-based authentications and eases the working within the internal and external regulatory framework through compliance with enterprise-level firewall and filtering policies.

Clients can utilize ProActive Big Data Automation and run analytical programs in languages such as Spark, R, MATLAB as well as within frameworks like Hadoop. They can distribute executions and manage data transfers on other desktop machines, clusters, and grids using ProActive Big Data Automation.

ActiveEon is an ISV automating and accelerating workload in AWS and other clouds

To facilitate the availability of limitless network and compute power for objectives as varied as automation of workflows to analytics, ActiveEon provides ProActive Cloud Automation solution that automates the deployment of complex multi-VMs applications. Clients can launch their applications on multi-vendor private, public, and hybrid clouds. The solution allows users to set the application elasticity with automated scaling-up and down. ActiveEon recognizes that any system can develop a snag and thus it allows users to provision multiple data centers and cloud providers for resilience.

The might of ActiveEon’s solutions can be gauged from their application to real-life problems. For instance, Médiamétrie, an audience measurement company had to analyze real-time response of listeners. ActiveEon’s solution revved up the analysis on AWS and improved the scheduling of clients’ workflows. ActiveEon is aware of the usage of various frameworks for big data analytics and meets their needs with its workload orchestration and metascheduling capabilities. “Not only we make it more reliable, but we also make it more effective with important saving on AWS expenses,” states Caromel, who has experience of 20 years as a researcher in parallel and cloud computing.

If the role of ActiveEon begins with scheduling workloads, it traverses another mile by deploying highly resource critical applications on AWS and other clouds like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. With a mission to empower clients in gaining scalability, higher return on investments (ROI), the firm collaborates with clients to partner in their cloud migration and IT infrastructure overhaul initiatives. At the end of the day, ActiveEon with its highly skilled workforce looks forward to tapping the numerous opportunities in AWS arena.


San Jose, CA

Denis Caromel, Founder & CEO

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