ActivePlatform: Owning and Growing a CSP Business Made Easy

Oleg Tyagunov, Founder & CEO
The international cloud service brokerage market is showcasing significant growth with the skyrocketing demand for cloud services. According to a survey report published by Transparency Market Research, a global market research, analysis, and intelligence, in January, the market would be worth 22.4 billion dollars by 2024. The cloud service brokerage enablers (CBEs), the automation platforms, play a key role in aggregation, integration, customization, and governance of cloud services afforded by leading providers and resellers from across the globe. By doing so, they enable clients to access the best-fit cloud services from a single marketplace. However, the challenge here is to help cloud solution providers (CSPs) to become cloud service brokerages without them having to bear the expenses of building their own platform software and marketplace from scratch. Addressing the challenge is ActivePlatform that has developed a full-service automated brokerage platform that is quick to install and integrates with provider infrastructure, simplifying the whole cloud business operations and increasing profitability. “With our cloud brokerage platform and a ’white-labeled’ storefront, you can start the cloud services delivery with the necessary e-commerce tools for your subscription-based economy,” remarks Oleg Tyagunov, Founder and CEO, ActivePlatform.

ActivePlatform enables aggregation, delivery, and monetization of cloud services including SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS and provides a simplified administration through central management to gain critical visibility into cloud service consumption and usage. It also makes it easier for CSPs to manage and control cloud service delivery, provisioning, billing management, and analytics. The ActivePlatform can be implemented at service provider’s premises or on major public cloud platforms. It can also be hosted and operated on behalf of the CSP by a third-party vendor.

The solution has a Vendor Management Portal module and an ActivePlatform core. The features together enable vendors to retain control of their services and costs within the vendor portal while ensuring the service provided by CSPs is rigidly protected and resilient.
ActivePlatform builds and maintains an ecosystem of ISVs using the Vendor Management Portal. CSPs can access the latest set of ISV connectors with the Operator Control Panel and support their delivery of cloud services conveniently and cost-effectively while maintaining a rich user experience. It also enables consolidation of public, private, and hybrid service offerings, allowing CSPs to combine numerous services in one bill. Based on the CSPs’ user roles and privileges, ActivePlatform also offers meticulous control of cloud services access.

ActivePlatform identifies itself as a software platform, as an “enabler.” However, it also operates as an “aggregator” and “customizer.” “Our cloud brokerage platform has a modular architecture which allows it to be agile and scalable,” says Tyagunov. The platform is customizable, deploys within a short span of time and at a reasonable cost. Therefore, the platform is very lucrative for cloud vendors in emerging or developing markets where the providers may still offer their services manually through their staff or contract paperwork.

The ActivePlatform parent disti entity combines a Showroom with Global Catalogue of cloud services connectors, a Vendor Portal to grow and manage disti and reseller’s catalogues, and an Operator Control Panel to manage cloud operations at every level of a multi-tiered reseller channel. “These distinct features have made the company a recognized cloud service automation platform vendor around the globe,” states Tyagunov. The company currently operates in more than twenty countries across Central Europe, the Middle East, North America and Asia with a planned roll out to fifty countries. It also received National HR Brand Award in Belarus last year. In addition, ActivePlatform won numerous other accolades, sealing its position in the list of well-established cloud services brokers. Recently, products from brands like Kaspersky Security are also available on the ActivePlatform marketplace. Additional features will also be released this year to enhance the end-user experience on its platform. In four years, ActivePlatform has evolved and established its footprint in the growing market space of cloud services brokerage, having mastered its installations performance on service provider premises. ActivePlatform is marked as an “Innovator” in the Markets&Markets quadrant of cloud brokerage platform vendors, and as a representative platform vendor by Gartner and Ovum.


Minsk, Belarus

Oleg Tyagunov, Founder & CEO

A Cloud provisioning and billing automation platform for resellers of SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, with open vendor integration framework