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Naor Mann, CEO
It is a general consensus that the promise of marketing automation bears a heavy price in budget and resources. What seems to be the “marketer’s dream” quickly becomes the marketer’s nightmare with the marketing department heavily relying on the IT teams for almost anything they want done and maintained. The need of the hour for marketing teams is complete autonomy over a smart, robust, and simple marketing automation software platform. Founded in 2004, ActiveTrail is a company that reserves its uniqueness in exactly that. “We provide a richness of features and marketing channels, and at the same time, we keep it simple and non-technical, to make marketing automation easy,” says Naor Mann, CEO, ActiveTrail.

Mann says that even in 2019, “smart marketing” through advanced automation has not become the status quo among small and medium businesses. This is because it is not simple to integrate data, create captivating e-mails and landing pages that standout, and set up smart automation that reacts to customers’ actions and preferences. ActiveTrail’s competitive edge comes from its simplicity; the company understands that creating smart customer journeys is undoubtedly a critical factor in increasing conversion rates, customer life-time-value, satisfaction, and retention. They enable marketers to build comprehensive customer journeys and automation workflows without any technical assistance; all they need to do is push data through a simple and well-documented API and insert a generic pixel on the website. This also removes the dependence on IT as well as the R&D departments—that are mostly understaffed and therefore prioritize and execute only the basic marketing activities. Through an intuitive and interactive visual automation builder that has drag-and-drop features, marketers can automate e-mails and other essential tasks. The platform is powered by machine-learning algorithms that predict suitable times for sending the information to each lead in order to boost open rates.

As every organization is always on a pursuit to build holistic, multichannel customer journeys, ActiveTrail aims to disrupt the landscape and deploy marketing best practices by lowering the time, resources, and money invested.

We provide a richness of features and marketing channels, and at the same time, we keep it simple and non-technical, to make marketing automation easy

What was once only a privilege for large corporations with high IT and marketing budgets, is now being made available to smaller businesses with limited resources so as to win the digital game, thanks to the ActiveTrail team. The company empowers small businesses with the ability to integrate e-mail, two-way- SMS, landing pages, surveys, and onsite-campaigns through a holistic platform that makes it all smart and easy to build effective customer journeys with high ROI.

Among many other customers, ActiveTrail has been assisting a large travel portal in their automation efforts to streamline customer journeys by creating dozens of scenarios escorting the user from the point of registration on one of their web pages, through the selling points of their travel offers and packages. Following the purchase, the portal categorizes the buyers and promotes personalized up-sales as per appropriate schedules with the most relevant offers. The ability to follow through with the sale and segment customers with relevancy and precision has created an uplift in revenues of approximately five percent, which translates into a huge difference achieved with minimal effort and almost no technical resources.

Currently, ActiveTrail is investing heavily in its AI and predictive algorithms, thereby enabling its clients to achieve more and stay in full control of their customers’ journeys. “We will continue serving our clients with the high-end marketing automation features while instilling innovation at all levels,” concludes Mann.


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Naor Mann, CEO

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