Acuity Cloud Solutions: Accelerate Your Human Capital Management Strategy

Heidi Hurt, CEO
In today’s rapidly changing HR management landscape, the capability to access secure data and integrate results with other systems across an organization is gaining utmost importance. Moreover, CIOs need the ability to view platforms holistically, rather than in silos, to gain a full picture of performance. Teams need to be empowered with the ability to recruit and onboard new employees quickly, utilize streamlined and robust platforms, and have access to real-time data to make business decisions.

“Oracle HCM Cloud products such as Taleo and Fusion support these requirements and more. Here at Acuity, we offer expertise in each area to present sound consulting and direction,” begins Heidi Hurt, CEO/ Founder, Acuity Cloud Solutions. “Our consultants and project managers have an average of 10 years’ experience in large-scale Taleo implementations in a wide variety of industries, enabling us to deliver integrated and aligned solutions for our client’s HR processes.”

As a full-service partner, Acuity’s team provides expert technical and functional knowledge, supporting: implementations, migrations, upgrades, remote system administration, training, end user support, and project management. In one such instance, through the use of Taleo reporting, best practice recommendations and optimizations, one of Acuity’s client’s gained benefits of: faster response times, lowered effort and cost of service, cut ticket volumes in half, and delivered an improved candidate experience. “Drawing from hundreds of successful client engagements, Acuity’s deep understanding of talent management enables us to deliver improved processes and an accelerated HCM strategy for our clients,” notes Hurt.

Acuity’s relationship as an Oracle Gold Partner enables them to meet the client at time of purchase for a seamless implementation. Oracle views Acuity as a ‘go-to’ partner for Taleo Cloud implementations and customer care due to their extensive experience and full understanding of clients’ business needs, which are aligned with processes and goals. “We also learn about upgrades, migrations and other important updates before they go to market and receive early access to training for new releases,” adds Hurt.

The company has recently partnered with a variety of Oracle Validated Integration (OVI) businesses to offer their shared clients a full portfolio of solutions to meet their talent management needs.

Drawing from hundreds of successful client engagements, Acuity’s deep understanding of talent management enables us to deliver improved processes and an accelerated HCM strategy for our clients

Together, Acuity and these partners deliver strategic consulting, video interviewing, background check and skills assessment integration, global job posting and tax credit screenings. “Integrating these solutions into Taleo provides a seamless user experience for candidates, recruiters and the HR team,” asserts Hurt. “Our partnership with Oracle allows us to stay abreast of technology updates and industry trends, in addition to our partnerships with OVI vendors’, which complements and offers an extended suite of solutions to clients.”

Furthermore, the company offers data extraction and warehousing capabilities to support their clients in maintaining accesses to their historical records. “We have the ability to be flexible, fast, and provide great quality results that exceed our customers’ expectations,” says Hurt. “Our robust end user support system provides embeddable widgets, knowledge base, live chat, phone support, support portal, social media monitoring and more.” Throughout the project lifecycle, Acuity monitors risks, quality, schedule and budget to deliver successful execution, expanding the potential of the clients HR processes and maximizing the organization’s Oracle Taleo investment.

With fifty years of combined experience in implementing Oracle Taleo, the cross-over to become experts in Oracle Fusion is well underway for Acuity. “Our team possesses deep HCM knowledge and experience and we’re aiming to grow our existing Oracle Taleo client base, in addition to expanding into the Fusion suite. We also continue to develop our online training courses to further support our client’s strategy and success,” concludes Hurt.

Acuity Cloud Solutions

Houston, TX

Heidi Hurt, CEO

An Oracle Gold Partner specializing in HCM cloud-based application services with a focus on Oracle Taleo and Fusion