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Simon Haighton-Williams, CEO
Simon Haighton-Williams, CEO, Adaptavist, is also a passionate photographer and scuba diver who believes that scuba diving is all about trust in the people you’re with. “You see a whole other world of complex systems and interactions. It’s right there in front of you but you have a completely different perspective when you’re outside it,” he says. Haighton- Williams has built a team at Adaptavist who are skilled at working effectively, switching between big picture and intricate detail. Adaptavist, established in 2005, offers a range of services to help the world’s most complex organizations optimize their application lifecycle–professional services, training, software products and managed services. They are one of the largest Atlassian partners in the world.

Having worked with many Fortune 500 companies and complex organizations, Adaptavist is ideally-placed to help clients understand their ALM processes from start to finish. It is renowned as the go-to Atlassian Expert and the company’s complete Application Lifecycle Management (CALM) approach enables enterprises to design, deliver and support their applications effectively. The framework not only enables organizations to realize the full value of their applications but also provides visibility, predictability and control to refine the client’s processes. By developing a process to create, manage, curate, and develop applications, Adaptavist creates a unique approach to structure the client’s thought process and evaluate their planning around ALM. “Our consultants use the CALM approach while engaging with clients—to plan their activities over multiple engagements. This can be used as a mechanism for analyzing the maturity of your ALM, or can simply be a way of framing discussions,” explains Haighton-Williams.

“We can help clients with the whole process—from complete outsource to a coaching role where we help with the organization’s tool and processes,” adds Haighton-Williams. Focused on helping companies gain maximum value from their investment in Atlassian tools, the company has helped over 5500 organizations worldwide to improve their application lifecycle and deliver better software. Formula One motor racing team Sahara Force India has recently partnered with Adaptavist to benefit from Atlassian’s technically-advanced solutions. Adaptavist’s experience and knowledge of issue-tracking, code management and optimization of the application lifecycle will be immensely valuable to the team, who use Atlassian’s software to help continually improve their cars race after race. Working with Adaptavist will also boost the team’s ability to find, share and collaborate with their information.

Most companies have decent tools and practices, the real challenge is finding people with both technical excellence and business experience who can help improve the process as a whole

Adaptavist has a long established suite of products that extend and automate Atlassian software. ScriptRunner is a powerful scripting engine plus a collection of ready-to-use workflow and JQL functions for JIRA. “ScriptRunner gives you the freedom and flexibility to expand, integrate, and automate JIRA and Stash,” affirms Haighton-Williams.

“It also brings control and management capabilities to Stash that make Git more at home in the Enterprise. You can set permissions for existing and future projects and repositories as well as enforcing policies, naming conventions, review processes and so forth. We see it as bringing a civilizing influence into the endless possibilities for Git.”

Going forward, Haighton-Williams sees an increasing focus in the automation and DevOps space. The ability to automate the deployment of ALM tools will empower developers and help to make IT more proactive. “There’s great deal of technology work required to make this a reality. Our primary challenge is in finding the caliber of people who add to what we have as an organization,” says Haighton-Williams.

“Most companies have decent tools and working practices, the real challenge is finding people with both technical excellence and business experience who can help them improve the process as a whole. Like our clients, our continued success depends on meeting this challenge.”

Adaptavist News

Adaptavist Strengthens Digital Transformation for the Global Enterprise with Go2Group Acquisition

Simon Haighton-Williams, CEO
NEW YORK - Global IT consulting and services provider, Adaptavist today announces the acquisition of Go2Group, a U.S. technology firm specializing in Agile and DevOps services and cloud solutions for the enterprise. With the Go2Group acquisition, Adaptavist increases its existing Atlassian leadership while adding new services, employees and locations to support its ongoing commitment to North American enterprises and organizations.

As U.S. companies continue to look for ways to differentiate and compete “ especially in the current pandemic-driven economy “ the modernization of their IT systems and digital transformation strategies becomes even more critical. Go2Group's Platinum Partner status with Atlassian, CloudBees and AWS and strong technical expertise help enterprise customers streamline efficiency and collaboration across their global teams and move to a remote-friendly operations model. Adaptavist will integrate Go2Group's Professional Services and Solutions offerings including its Atlassian Reseller division into its own portfolio. The acquisition positions Adaptavist as one of the largest Atlassian services providers in the world (covering every major time zone) and increases its footprint in North America substantially.

"We are delighted to see two Atlassian Solution Partners join forces to better service our joint customers," said Martin Musierowicz, Head of Global Channels at Atlassian. "Our mission at Atlassian is to unleash the potential of every team and the combination of Adaptavist and Go2Group will help do just that. This is great news for enterprises looking to enable open, agile teamwork at scale."

Go2Group will provide a strategic advantage as Adaptavist continues to expand its offerings to include more Atlassian consulting, a robust AWS practice, more DevOps consulting, and new strategic partnerships with Gitlab and CloudBees.

"Around the world, radical change has become business as usual," said Simon Haighton-Williams, CEO of Adaptavist. "Change and uncertainty is causing many U.S. businesses to grapple with slower growth, disruption from new competition, and pressure from internal sources. Software used in the right way can be a lifeline. Adaptavist coupled with Go2Group, delivers the in-depth consulting and technical support needed for enterprises to optimize their IT investments and thrive in this fast-paced, digitally transforming environment."

Adaptavist customers include organizations like NASA and over half of the Fortune 500, from Oracle to SAP Fieldglass and WD-40. Established in 2002, Go2Group's customers include Marriott International, Comcast and Fannie Mae.

Tom Stiling, Go2Group Chairman and CEO adds "Not only does Adaptavist provide a great home for our IT and DevOps solutions and talented people, but we're thrilled that they will now be a strategic Platinum channel partner for our ConnectALL software products and value stream management (VSM) platform, released under a new holding company called Goldfinger Holdings, Inc. This deal takes advantage of our complementary global capabilities and leverages technology synergies between the two brands."

Adaptavist 'State of the Atlassian Ecosystem' Report Highlights How Businesses Are Embracing Atlassian Technology

LONDON - Today, digital transformation expert, Adaptavist, launches its 2020 State of the Atlassian Ecosystem Report that examines how businesses and teams are using and deploying Atlassian tools. The research also outlines digital transformation trends with a particular focus on the implementation of customization and integration, the adoption of Cloud (SaaS), and the acceleration of DevOps and Agile methodology.

"Atlassian has evolved from a bug tracking tool for developers into a mission-critical platform that empowers teams of all shapes and sizes to collaborate and get work done. And the State of the Atlassian Ecosystem Report highlights the different ways teams are embracing change using Atlassian tools," says Simon Haighton-Williams, Adaptavist CEO. "The Report also demonstrates how the flexibility of the Atlassian platform provides a foundation for digital transformation across teams and organizations of every size, industry and level of technical sophistication."

Key highlights from the Report include:

The need for customization and integration is growing “ one of the many strengths of the Atlassian ecosystem is the ability it provides organizations to customize tools to meet specific business needs:

• 87 percent of respondents customize their Atlassian tools and 91 percent of enterprises (1000+ employees) create their own customizations

• The Atlassian Marketplace provides a go-to-platform for respondents to extend the functionality of their core tools with 94 percent of respondents using at least one app from there

• There are a wide variety of tools being used in conjunction with Atlassian “ 67 percent respondents use Microsoft 365, 46 percent Slack and 32 percent Google Docs, to name a few.

Automation is key to managing change “ while Atlassian already provides a range of automation tools and capabilities:

• 78 percent of workers still want more automation capabilities across their Atlassian stack

• Why? An impressive 96 percent believe automation will increase productivity. And, a further 83 percent are confident it will boost creativity and innovation in the workplace.

Atlassian tools enable digital transformation “ embracing new ways of working across the entire organization (people, process and tools) will help businesses compete and thrive in this 'new reality' and the Atlassian ecosystem enables that.

• Agile is now firmly established in the vast majority of businesses with 77 percent of respondents reporting the adoption of Agile principles within their organization

• And almost half of respondents (48 percent) believe their organization has a DevOps strategy in place, with large enterprises (5000+ employees) and the technology sector (48 percent) leading the charge

• Finally, according to our research, 11 percent plan to implement an Agile-at-scale framework (such as SAFe®) in the next three years

• It's also worth noting that only 19 percent of large enterprises have implemented an Agile framework, with a further 14 percent expecting to in the next three years. Our findings also show that 29 percent of respondents who have yet to implement a DevOps strategy, plan to do so in the next three years. But a further 10 percent believe their organization is still 'not ready for DevOps to be part of their strategy.'

There's no one-size-fits-all deployment solution “ as the tech industry, and Atlassian, look to Cloud as the next big thing to enable digital transformation, users are taking various approaches to how they deploy their Atlassian platform.

• 52 percent of respondents use a Server deployment model, 19 percent use Atlassian Cloud (SaaS), 11 percent use Data Center, and 9 percent use a hybrid hosting model

• 28 percent of respondents have at least one Atlassian Cloud instance in their organization; and, of those not already on Cloud, a further 13 percent are planning to introduce Atlassian Cloud in the next three years

• According to our findings, only 9 percent of respondents use a hybrid model of Atlassian Cloud (SaaS) and self-host (Server / Data Center).

Research Methodology

The 2020 State of the Atlassian Ecosystem Report is based on more than 700 responses to a global survey. The survey asked Atlassian users representing a wide range of sectors, organisations, and departments about their use of cloud, automation, DevOps and agile practices.


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