Adaptive, Inc: Data Alignment and Governance of Big Data

Jeff Goins, President and CEO
With the amount, velocity, complexity, and importance of enterprise information growing at an exponential rate, companies today are faced with new challenges in data management and data analytics. Without a complete understanding of an organization’s data sources including how it is defined, managed and consumed, an organization’s ability to optimize Big Data is severely undermined. To help prepare organizations for Big Data initiatives, Adaptive has developed software solutions that ensure consistency and traceability of data across an organization. The Adaptive product suite enables organizations to build the necessary foundation to enable governance and control over the data flowing into traditional data warehouses and Big Data environments to drive Big Data Analytics.

Adaptive’s Business Glossary Manager Solution provides a cloud based enterprise-wide glossary of an organization’s terms, definitions and ontologies, providing a single point of truth for governance and knowledge transfer. Along with Business Glossary Manager is the Adaptive Alignment Accelerator–a comprehensive solution that offers security tagging, traceability and lineage analytics. Even if a piece of data is stored in 42 databases and is being processed 2000 times, Adaptive Alignment Accelerator can be used to follow the thread and understand the impact, change and use of data throughout the enterprise.

Adaptive’s offerings are built on industry standards–providing easier interoperability with different types of technologies. “Adaptive can discover data structures from a variety of technology landscapes,” says Jeff Goins, President and CEO, Adaptive. “Many organizations are silo-centric in nature, and Adaptive’s expertise connects all the silos, providing enterprise-wide transparency and governance management practices that are critical to Big Data initiatives.” The wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated over the years, coupled with their ability to bring content out of the box, gives Adaptive’s clients an enabling capability to govern and properly understand their data.

We give organizations a clear view of their data landscape and prepare them for successful Big Data initiatives

Adaptive’s solutions are being utilized by organizations in the banking, pharmaceutical, healthcare, retail, government and energy sectors. Although the business drivers across the client base vary, each firm is striving to ensure the accuracy and consistency of disparate data sources across their organization. For example, a large financial services organization that acquired 10 national banks over a period of 12 years had redundant processes, applications and systems. Because of this complex and disconnected data landscape, the organization needed a foundational knowledge source to provide the insight and roadmap for reducing costs and improving efficiencies. Adaptive resources worked with the organization to capture an inventory of their data assets and characteristics into the Adaptive platform. This enabled the organization to gain a knowledge asset that facilitated consolidation, reducing the associated costs of maintaining disparate systems. Additional benefits included streamlining its processes to measure Regulatory Capital Adequacy requirements and more accurately calculate credit loss provisions. The Adaptive capability is even linked into their help desk system, so wherever an issue arises, the organization can use Adaptive’s application to track it all the way down to the source code of how that data was being processed if necessary.

Adaptive will continue to provide solutions that help organizations reach their business objectives quickly leveraging their data as a strategic asset. From a products perspective, the company is focused on providing the most advanced platform to enable data governance and alignment processes to accurately reflect how data is stored, moved and managed throughout the organization.


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Jeff Goins, President and CEO

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