Adaptive Communications: Delivering a Reliable Network Infrastructure

Steve Thorpe, President
Today, secure network connectivity is the lifeblood of all businesses. Augmenting this connectivity is cloud computing which paves the way for rapid communication. However, when it comes to cloud security, a definitive fear lingers among most organizations. “To provide proper protection for the cloud, it is necessary to address the most significant underlying cloud technology: virtualization of workloads and servers,” opines Steve Thorpe, President, Adaptive Communications. As a resolution, Adaptive Communications—in partnership with Juniper Networks—builds cloud-ready High-IQ Networks that assist companies in connecting data to people. Essentially a reseller, designer, and installer of enterprise networking, information security, and data storage products, Adaptive Communications leverages its partnerships to provide customized solutions that best fit a client’s need.

Broadly basing their solution on three key areas— connectivity, security, and storage—Adaptive Communications exhibits expertise in network operating system, software defined networking, and cloud solutions offered by Juniper. After providing an analysis of the wired and wireless networks of a particular company, Adaptive Communications’ engineering team designs, configures, documents, and installs new wired and wireless networks in tandem with industry best practices. “In order to broaden visibility without compromising on data, organizations need to identify the threats that pertain to their network,” imparts Thorpe. Adaptive Communications through its security and connectivity consulting services not only provides a comprehensive network architecture and design for its clients, but ensures that the system is implemented in an accurate and efficient manner. To facilitate a complete delivery of solutions, Adaptive Communications also offers project management for most installations, updates, and migrations. “Considering that most companies find it difficult to manage projects amid operational and administrative duties, Adaptive Communications has project managers and engineers that offer full support for networking and security projects,” says Thorpe.

One of Adaptive Communications’ offering is the Juniper Networks vGW Virtual Gateway, which is a hypervisor-based, virtualization security solution, purpose-built for cloud environments.
Mitigating the risks of virtual networks, vGW Virtual Gateway offers multiple layers of protection and a complete set of compliance tools, necessary to move to the cloud. In one instance, Adaptive Communications had to attend to a government body with multi-tenant cloud architecture. In this scenario, the application of Juniper’s Virtual Gateway resolved firewall complexity and increased network visibility. vGW now enables complete control and compliance in the cloud for the client, while bridging gaps between security and virtualization teams.

In order to broaden visibility without compromising on data, organizations need to identify the threats that pertain to their network

In another case, keeping in mind the importance of a flexible and reliable network in educational institutions, Adaptive Communications helped Wesleyan University— a liberal arts school in Connecticut—replace their ten year old network. Since Adaptive Communications believes in the implementation of virtual chassis switches that lower the energy output by 20 percent while maintaining full utilization; the Juniper 4000 series was applied. “With the virtual chassis based core, the school observed a significant reduction in ongoing operational costs, enhanced security, and automated Technical Assistance Center (TAC) support,” remarks Thorpe.

Going forward, Adaptive Communications will continue to hone their technology expertise and service specialization of Juniper’s solutions. The company aims at strengthening their partnership with Juniper and Thorpe remarks that, “Juniper’s continued investment in delivering best-in-class solutions has enabled us to provide value to our client base, which spans several vertical and geographic markets. They are a very strategic partner to Adaptive Communications and we look forward to continuing this partnership for many years.”

Adaptive Communications

Portsmouth, NH

Steve Thorpe, President

Adaptive Communication is a value-added reseller, designer, and installer of enterprise networking, information security and data storage solutions.