Adaptive, Inc.: The Data Pioneers

Jeff Goins, President & CEO
Jeff Goins, a technology veteran with over twenty-five years of career experience in the industry, has always been fascinated with the ability of data in steering organizational success. However, he calculates that incorrect data or the wrong interpretation of that data can spell disaster for businesses. To this end, it is important to question if the data is indeed correct, where did it come from, did it get altered in any form and ultimately how can it be verified. In his capacity as President and CEO of Adaptive, Jeff Goins is steering the company toward answering these tough questions. Adaptive, Inc., based out of Aliso Viejo, CA, provides solutions that support the data strategies of organizations by yielding consistency, traceability, uniformity and lineage for both structured and unstructured information across both small and big data domains. These end-to-end solutions span data governance, data quality and metadata management for enterprise data stored in silo-centric applications and platforms.

With an emphasis on data structures and terminologies, Adaptive specializes in guiding enterprises through the process of placing appropriate meta tags on their data attribution to effectively comprehend the full impact of risk, security, data privacy and compliance-related analytics and governance. “This, in turn, gives an organization the ability to trace where their data is stored, where it starts, where and how it moves, who is using it and where it is going, making it reliable to be used in analytics. We call this data lineage analytics” adds Goins. Also, with Adaptive Metadata Manager, enterprises can create a traceability link between their business metadata and technical metadata, to better understand the flow of data, the ownership/ stewardship behind the data use and applicable transformations and how the data is being protected and leveraged in the most optimal manner.

As the name indicates, Adaptive readily adapts to an enterprise’s technical landscape or ecosystem, as the firm works with many different technologies to complement the existing processes, without replacing anything. The firm also offers a unique integrated metadata and semantic approach through structural frameworks known as “ontologies.”

People are the key dimension to anything you do in life and we take pride in working with an extremely talented team

The Adaptive Business Glossary Manager (BGM) is one such solution that offers a framework to assist enterprises with defining and communicating consistent business vocabulary and aligning glossary terms to standard language definitions. By directly referencing entities that represent the corporate hierarchy, processes, and data, BGM provides traceability and a “semantic perspective” of organizational execution and contributes to improved data governance while substantially reducing the compliance risk.

BGM also leverages such standards as FIBO (Financial Information Business Ontology), which serves as a standardized reference model for the language of business concepts used in contracts across the financial services industry. By aligning its local terminology and data with the FIBO ontological standard model, BGM ensures that the compilation of the data needed for regulatory reporting, internal risk, compliance and analytics is correct. To further their goal of introducing technological advances that connect the metadata layer to the real data/ instance data, Adaptive provides the capability to enhance real-time analytics and processing.

Equipped with a world-class professional services team that specializes in accelerating implementations, the firm plans to complete a series of acquisitions this year as a part of their endeavor to become the premier platform for managing data. “People are the key dimension to anything you do in life and we take pride in working with an extremely talented team,” expresses Goins. Also, with a focus on reinforcing their product portfolio, the firm plans to continuously build on their offerings for master data management, data quality, data profiling and enabling capabilities focused data management and governance.

Adaptive, Inc

Aliso Viejo, CA

Jeff Goins, President & CEO

Delivers standards-based solutions to assist enterprises with analytics, data governance, and metadata management initiatives

Adaptive, Inc