Adaptive Insights: Simplified Business Solutions for Greater Productivity

CIO VendorJohn Herr, CEO
More companies are investing in developing tools to streamline their decision-making abilities. Solutions that can break massive data into nuggets and present it in an understandable format is what businesses thrive for. Adaptive Insights is one such company that has simplified its customer’s decision making into a click of a button.

Steered by John Herr, CEO, Adaptive Insights has been providing business transforming analytics solutions, cloud-based business intelligence and corporate performance management (CPM) solutions to organizations worldwide. The company’s software solution provides cloud-based unified Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management suite for planning, consolidation, analytics and reporting applications. Adaptive Planning software module offers a cloud powered revenue planning, budgeting and forecasting
software for cash flow projection, sales planning & balance sheet forecasting. The software combines a powerful financial modeling engine with an easy-to-use, drag-and-drop interface. “It reduces budgeting and forecasting cycle times by up to 90 percent along with reducing errors, improving accuracy, producing timely reporting and analysis including what-if scenarios and delivering frequent rolling forecasts,” says Herr.

The company also has Adaptive Consolidation, a financial consolidation software that enables users to examine the details of consolidation figures; Adaptive Discovery, a software providing cloud-based visual analytics and data visualization designed for use by executives and managers; Adaptive Reporting—a dragand- drop report builder; Adaptive Integration—providing easy way of importing data from GL, ERP, CRM, HR systems and data warehouses, on-premise or in the cloud.

Adaptive Insights is excited about accelerating growth and momentum providing its customers with simplified business solutions.

Adaptive Insights

Palo Alto CA,

John Herr, CEO

Adaptive Insights provides business analytics solutions to businesses and non-profit organizations.