AdaptOne: Driving Procurement with Next-gen Solutions

John Davis, CIO
The advent of cloud computing, unprecedented connectivity, and the ability for many businesses to gather large amounts of information from supplier data has forced procurement and supplier management to evolve to new levels. With the rapidly transforming procurement market, the supply chain technology of today requires adaptability and agility. Whether this includes managing supplier information, contract management, government regulations or buyers, a company needs to balance safety, quality, and risk and compliance. AdaptOne, based in Alpharetta, GA, is an innovative supplier management solution provider that offers unique solutions to clients. To meet the new demand for procurement management, AdaptOne offers a flexible solution where clients have the ability to easily modify and deploy customized modules for the various procurement functions of the organization.

AdaptOne targeted the procurement space earlier in its history as supplier management easily deploys through a SaaS platform and integrates with internal ERP systems like SAP and Oracle. AdaptOne provides Supplier Management solutions as part of a web-based application product suite which includes the management and performance of suppliers, procurement of goods and services, analysis of spend data and governance with company policies. The company’s AdaptOne Workplace technology platform serves as the backbone of AdaptOne’s supplier management solution. The platform enables AdaptOne to build, reconfigure, and customize modules rapidly.

The supplier information management portal, at its core, has a top-notch supplier management program that allows AdaptOne’s clients to easily manage supplier registration and onboarding, risk mitigation, and supplier performance evaluations, among other tasks. The safety and sustainability modules have the ability to capture and track detailed information regarding OSHA and EMR rates and safety regulations pertinent to specific countries and industries. However, it is the business process automation and workflow that makes AdaptOne successful by channeling the relevant information to the appropriate users, thereby effectively communicating the right information to the right people.

“The supplier diversity program helps a company manage diversification within their supply chain, aiding with registration and certification of minority and women-owned suppliers,” notes John Davis, CIO of AdaptOne.
With its custom solutions, AdaptOne works with organizations to develop solutions for unique cases and has experience geared toward a variety of industries, including energy and utilities, manufacturing, retail and real estate asset management.

In an instance, AdaptOne implemented supplier information management and supplier performance modules for NRG, a global energy company. The flexibility of the platform enabled NRG to capture supplier data based on commodities and onsite/offsite services. The AdaptOne system was able to orchestrate complex business rules based on a variety of parameters and company compliance requirements.

Evolved from a Business Process Management (BPM) platform and built on an open-source software foundation, “AdaptOne came about with the idea of simplifying information collaboration through cloud technology and process design,” Davis points out. “For AdaptOne, Supplier Information Management was a natural fit because it needed to be accessible on the cloud for thousands of suppliers. And the collaborative nature of the procurement process requires various types of business users from Procurement, Strategic Sourcing, Accounts Payable, Supplier Diversity, Quality, and Health & Safety. Our goal as a company was to build a solution that would help companies collect vast amounts of supplier information and to provide the relevant parts of that information to the right people that needed it so that they can make the best decisions using the information that they had.”

Challenges faced by CIO’s of leading companies arise from the evolving technology landscape and the need to adapt and integrate with other systems. “We are at the crossroads of computing ubiquity (as a service), data (explosion), and mobile/connectivity (internet). By providing an adaptable application that provides best practice solutions for Supplier Management, AdaptOne positions itself as a leader in the procurement arena.”

AdaptOne is currently developing industry best practice solution templates that focus on the procurement process for a wide range of verticals. This allows it to develop best practices based on each industry. “AdaptOne is thriving in the procurement space, providing best practice solutions that can adapt and help make our clients run their business better,” Davis concludes.


Alpharetta, GA

John Davis, CIO

Offers designed and customized SaaS solutions for a variety of supply chain problems