AddIn365: Real-Time Communication and Collaboration with Advanced Analytics

Suzy Dean, CEO and Co-Founder
The diverse and ever-changing nature of Office 365 services can be difficult for CIOs to handle, in among their other responsibilities as busy C-suite professionals. In addition to this, CIOs tend to have experienced SharePoint peers advise them on the ins and outs of Office 365. The challenge with this is that many SharePoint experts have limited experience with Office 365 because of its small, but growing customer base. As a result, companies make use of familiar Office 365 services such as Outlook and Skype and put the utilization of other Office 365 services on the back burner. CIOs are looking for a good Return On Investment (ROI) from Office 365 but are unsure how to extract additional value from new services such as Delve.

Headquartered in London, UK, AddIn365’s mobile and tablet friendly product suite—AddIn Intranet, AddIn Work Hub, and Document Builder—are designed to meet specific business objectives. “We offer products that help build a productive workforce by facilitating internal communications, real-time collaboration, and speedy document creation,” states Suzy Dean, CEO of AddIn365. “AddIn365 also provides AddIn Analytics—a package that is available with all AddIn365 offerings—enabling organizations to understand employee usage patterns on the Office 365 platform. This is the key to generating and maintaining good ROI,” says Suzy.

A broad understanding of AddIn365’s products and solutions can be gained from the services provided to one of their clients. Global mobile network operator, Truphone, required a digital workplace platform on Office 365 that would help employees understand Truphone’s strategy, collaborate and find information, from any of their 10 global locations. The customer wanted to deliver timely and relevant multi-channel communications to different audiences including the leadership, country teams, sales force, product design, and business services.

We offer products that help build a productive workforce by facilitating internal communications, real-time collaboration, and speedy document creation

Truphone also needed to facilitate better team working as well as provide easy access to other line of business systems. By leveraging AddIn365’s AddIn Work Hub, Truphone not only met, but exceeded, their goals. “AddIn365 helped us meet our business objectives in a timeframe of only nine business days,” said Al Meyer, Head of Internal Communications at Truphone. The simple technical delivery meant that AddIn365 worked with Truphone to focus on employee adoption and engagement. Truphone achieved nearly 50 percent uptake of AddIn Work Hub and Office 365 within the first 10 days of Live.

Suzy has always fought hard for what she believes in, and leads AddIn365 with conviction and spirit. “We always strive for excellence, to do what is right for our customers and adapt our products accordingly, even if other vendors are doing the opposite,” beams Suzy. “We are not afraid to challenge convention and orthodoxy and we have never blindly followed the crowd.” AddIn365’s vision is to deliver value to customers and partners with simple, but impactful technology that aligns with the Office 365 roadmap. In the coming year, AddIn365 will focus on bringing the best digital workplace experience to employees and employers around the world. “We are excited about helping even more customers in 2016 realize the value of their investment in Office 365, using our products. There is nothing more satisfying than having a metrics led conversation with the CIO, who in turn is able to demonstrate to the CEO just how much business value Office 365 and AddIn365 have delivered,” concludes Suzy.


London, UK

Suzy Dean, CEO and Co-Founder

AddIn365 provides apps for Microsoft Office 365 to support internal communication and collaboration with smart analytics.