Addteq: Automation of DevOps Made Possible

Sukhbir Dhillon, Founder & CEO
For the last several years, configuration management has been evolving into an amalgamation of software development and information technology operations or DevOps. Early in that evolution, Addteq moved to transform into a DevOps provider and today, they hold the prestigious position of being a certified Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner. According to Sukhbir Dhillon, CEO and Founder of Addteq, “Software capabilities are unlimited—it’s as far as you can think. These days every company is a software company.” Addteq takes it a step further and incorporates automation into their everyday processes. Examples include using Amazon Echo to remotely launch a software release, and using a robot to automatically review code when it is submitted by a developer.

One of their primary solutions is the automation of SDLC. Addteq provides DevOps solutions integrated with 3-4 Atlassian tools and 1-2 other tools. By providing a solution with tools built in, the DevOps experience is enhanced for the entire organization. This allows development teams to be more organized and aligns them with the best practices of new development methodologies. Designing solutions by combining automation and tools, led Addteq to discover how many of their customers liked the tools but were reluctant to spend their resources or time to purchase and maintain them for themselves. The result was Addteq’s development of Codefactori—a turnkey development environment that combines Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service. It provides the best development tools without the hassle of purchase and maintenance. The available tools include Bitbucket, Confluence, TeamCity, JIRA, Team Calendars, Nexus, HipChat, Gliffy, and more. Through Codefactori, their client’s development teams can ensure their tools are always running optimally. Codefactori is available 24/7 with a validated 99.9 percent uptime so their clients don’t have to worry about outages or downtime.

Customers choose Addteq for a variety of specialized talents including workflow configurations, automations, and integration of instances or software products.

Other companies focus on providing good service, we focus on automating the unautomatable

Sometimes customers need a niche product and one such engagement resulted in developing an app for accessibility. One of their proudest accomplishments— “Unstoppable”—is a plugin for the visually impaired that supports their use of JIRA and Confluence. Unstoppable reads the information to the user and supports their ability to create or open a ticket, search, and post a comment. A separate app, named “Stix”, was developed in 2013 for Atlassian Bamboo. This app provides remote access into app development work such as starting and viewing insights of a build from a mobile device.

Another customer success story is a global organization who wished to modernize their SDLC, but initially was unsure. A small pilot project was conducted and monitored to test results. The increased speed and efficiency were an immediate success. Now the same customer has embarked on modernizing applications globally—over 2,000 of them—and that’s just North America.

Addteq’s roadmap includes expansion of physical locations including two in America. One location is already operational in Los Angeles, but they are scouting for a second. In addition to being the top Atlassian solution expert in India, their goal is to reach #1 in America as well. Other enhancements include expanding Codefactori to become a one-stop shop for all of the development tools. “Other companies focus on providing good service, we focus on automating the unautomatable,” concludes Dhillon.


Princeton, NJ

Sukhbir Dhillon, Founder & CEO

Provides DevOps solutions with tools built in to improve organization and alignment of the internal team with the best practices